Objectives & Outcomes of the Course

This course will discuss in detail about the use of Energy Based Devices (EBD): On Energy Based Devices for facial and body rejuvenation

– Low and high frequency ultrasound for contour-shaping

– Ultherapy for facial tightening, lifting

– Focused fractional RF (Venus Viva) for wrinkle removal and facial tightening

– Multi frequency RF for facial rejuvenation

– Multi frequency RF for body contouring (Venus Concept Legacy)

– Endermology skin massage

– Icoone skin massage, and laser study in this course.


Dr. Claudia van der Lugt obtained her medical degree at the University of Groningen in 1991. Being specialised in laser techniques and with her interest in other non-invasive treatments she started her own private clinic “Alizonne”, preventive and cosmetic medicine, in Meijel, the Netherlands in 1997.

The main drive of van der Lugt is to combine non-invasive treatments for the rejuvenation of the face and body. Since 1996 she has been using lasers of different wavelengths, taken part in studies and designed concepts for best results. Her knowledge on lasertissue interaction and outcome of different techniques is extensive. Lasers, LED, IPL, ultrasound, RF and other on energy based devices have taken an enormous development and the use of these modalities needed to be standardised and regulated. This has led to the foundation of the Dutch Aesthetic Laser Association, DALA, of which van der Lugt is the president.
As the demand for weight correction and body contour treatments grew very high, it was challenging to develop a non-invasive method to address this problem.

Her teaching quality and transmitting knowledge to colleagues has proven to be of high standard. She is a regular invited speaker on numerous international conferences on above mentioned topics. She is the director and lecturer of the “Laser treatment” and “on energy based devices treatment” modules, in the Dutch NVCG medical curriculum for Cosmetic Medicine. Since 2003 she is specialised in the injection-lipolysis treatment resulting in a position as a member of the Medical Board of the Network-lipolysis ISL.


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