Aims & Outcomes of the Course

Many times when we face an implant-supported rehabilitation, we are challenged to restore the gingival zone. Due to our poor habits, our poor habit, reproducing the colors and shades of the natural gum is to us one of the hardest jobs for lab technician. In this course we will solve these types of gingival restorations and for that we will perform an anterior group implant-supported on a metal frame. In parallel, we will provide a solution to the modern day problem due to the aesthetic demands of our patients: how to achieve white colors more than A1 with a natural look.


Fundamental aesthetic concepts. Discuss and clarify concepts about possible restorative materials for this type of prosthesis:
– Metal versus zirconium
– Ceramic versus composite Design of the internal structure Color-layering “Bleach” Layering for gingival aesthetics Mechanical gloss and polishing without external stains


In 1985, August Bruguera finished his studies as Dental Technician in the well known Dental School Ramon y Cajal. By then, his speciality started becoming more important in the Dentistry field. To go beyond his knowledge he went abroad to stay at private laboratories (Klaus Muterthies), Italy (Mario Chiodini and Giovani Furno), and Switzerland (Willi Geller). In the 90s, Ivoclar Vivadent (headquarters in Liechtenstein), invited the rising technician to join the team as an opinion leader in Spain and Portugal. In his professional path we can find several publications in scientific journals of national and international level such as Quintessence, Estética, Esthetic Dentistry, among others, being on the editorial board of some of them.

He is author of “Shadows, a world of color” published in several languages and sold worldwide. He is also the author, with Dr. Sidney Kina of “Invisible, ceramic restorations”, also several languages and a benchmark for the profession. Between 1999 and 2002 he was graduate professor of Dr. Thomas Escuín at the Universitat de Barcelona; and in 2004 he was professor of the “Máster Propio Prótesis Bucofacial y Oclusión” (Own Master Bucofacial Prosthetics and Occlusion) at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. In 2003 he was honored with the Bisturí de Oro Award (Golden Scalpel), thanks to his brilliant career. In 2012 he founded the Dental Training Center in his laboratory, which he uses to conduct courses and where he hosts the most world renowned professionals in the Dental field to conduct their own courses and Stages.

In 2014 he was invited to join the select group of Bio-Emulation, led by outstanding members of the profession such as Michel Magne, Pascal Magne, Ed McLaren or Panos Bazos, and an exclusive selection of the best dentists and technicians whose main aim is spreading and sharing knowledge related to dental materials. August has conducted more than 500 lectures and courses in more than 50 countries.


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