Outcomes of the Course

This course will be a hands-on workshop for fabricating #9-11 three unit bridge with the use of Zirconia frame. Centrals, laterals and canines constitute a large portion of a smile, which can affect the entire facial expression dramatically both positively and negatively. Therefore, numerous factors need careful consideration in the treatment process of these areas. For example, unlike in a single crown restoration, the bridge requires finer attention in the balance of aesthetics and mechanical function. The workshop will allow discussion time with the audience to answer any questions and to explain procedural steps in details.


  • Balancing facial features, lips, and dentition
  • Learn tricks in design concept for tooth no 9-11, three unit bridge to patient’s face and dental arch
  • How to determine the right internal structure design
  • Property of zirconia crown and its use in clinical practice
  • Techniques for rich colour expression and internal stain adjustments
  • A technique to reproduce natural teeth moisture in prosthetic crowns
  • MCT: (Moisture Concealer Technique)
  • Texture and lustre control technique —Shape adjusting to final polish
  • Analysing isolation and 3D effect in practice


Naoki Hayashi graduated from Osaka Dental University (Japan) in 1992. Soon after graduation, he worked in the National Dental Laboratory in Japan.

In 2001, Naoki began working for World Lab USA., the dental laboratory division of Tokushinkai Group, which is the largest dental corporation in Japan. Working as their master ceramist, Naoki would later serve as president of Ultimate Styles Dental Laboratory, the high-end division of World Lab USA. In March 2013.

Among other major accomplishments, are Naoki ‘s two publications, “A Diary -Through the Lens”, published by Quintessence publishing in 2005 and “Past <<Future -Envision 77 Heart Beats -”, published by Ishiyaku Publishing in 2010. Both publications are very useful guides for dentists and technicians. He has also published over 30 articles, several of which are translated into nine languages published all over the world. Currently, Naoki works as a master ceramist and is the president of Ultimate Styles Dental Laboratory in Irvine, CA. In addition to his lab work, he conducts lectures & workshops all over the world. He shares his knowledge and skills by offering many hands-on workshops and teaches current trends in dental technology and treatment planning.

He is also an international instructor and advisor for Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc., a dental supply company.

Naoki works to continuously utilize the best methods for esthetic porcelain restorations to achieve the best results, exceeding the dentist’s expectations and meeting their patients’ esthetic needs.


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