Course 1: Lecture & Hands-On

• Laser tissue interaction: The clinics

• Vascular lesions and laser

• Laser for vein treatment

• Pigmented lesions

• Hair removal

• Cutaneous rejuvenation

• Skin surgery with lasers

Outcomes & Objectives

Skin care requires an all-round approach, which does not focus merely on the condition of the cutaneous tissue itself and the possible treatment methodologies to be used, but to encompass all facts of each patient as an individual from a preoperative standpoint. With the ever-increasing range of lasers and light systems at the dermatologist’s disposal for clinical treatments, a total concept approach based on a correct knowledge becomes crucial to ensure high patient satisfaction concomitant with good results.

The choice of the most appropriate regime  must be based on a combination of theenergy dosage and wavelength of the light systems available, as it is now clear from experience that no single modality can induce the complex range of indications. Selection and proper management of the device of choice is necessary for the successful outcome of, for example, chronologically photo-aged skin and the various cutaneous and vascular lesions, which frequently appear with age or in young individuals.

This situation generates a necessity for active involvement of dermatologists to train in order to keep themselves in good all-round knowledge, which will help maintain their current professional standards in the use and advantages of lasers in their speciality.


Mario A. Trelles, MD PhD is internationally renowned for his expertise and contributions to laser advances in medicine and surgery. He is specialist in General, Plastic-Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery (Barcelona, Spain), and is Maxima Cum Laude Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery (PhD), by the University of Seville, Spain. American Board’s Certificate for Lasers in Plastic-Aesthetic Surgery. Dr. Trelles has since shared his experience as a professor at various European Universities and by editing chapters and books, and over 350 scientific manuscripts on advances in lasers applications.

He has hold executive positions at numerous professional medical organizations and is Honorary Member of societies around the globe devoted to medicine, lasers, anti-aging and aesthetic surgery; including present terms as President of the European Laser Association (ELA) and the Spanish Society for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery (SELMQ). Honor President of ESLAS: The European Society for Laser Aesthetic Surgery.

Academically, he is Chairman Professor & Coordinator of The Master in Laser Applications in Medicine and Surgery for Post Graduated Medical Doctors at the Official Medical School & Barcelona University and, presently, is Visiting Professor in Laser Plastic and Cutaneous Surgery at Brno University (Czech Republic) and the Universita del Sacro Cuore, Dermatology School, Rome.


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