Outcomes of the Course

• Laser physics and tissue interaction

• Science and evidence for laser in Dental Hygiene therapy

• Safety principles for laser use

• The Use and understanding of proper settings.

• Incorporate the laser to the dental hygiene appointment; practical tips, FAQ


• Learn how diode laser can become “ the instrument of choice “to complement the treatment of scaling and root planning.

• To reach Dental Hygienist, and motivate them to use diode laser on a daily basis to treat patients with confidence and safety.


Dr. Arevalo has graduated in Dentistry at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota/ Colombia in 1997 and has a Masters in Laser dental applications from Barcelona University /Spain in 2003. Moreover, in 2002 Dr. Arevalo attended Nova Southeastern University, FL/USA department of Prosthodontics for 12 months out of a 3 year program She is a member of the American dental Association. Dr Arevalo works in Private Practice at Vilafortuny Laser center since 2007.


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