Objectives & Outcomes of the Course

This course offers a new approach to vaginal atrophy and vaginal relaxation syndromes, some of the most common types of vaginal pathology. Laser therapy is used without surgical incision, it is a painless and a noninvasive treatment for women suffering from this condition. We are able to move away from long term hormone replacement therapies that have created concern and discomfort in some patients, and started a new era of recovering after childbearing. The ability to use non-invasive photo-thermal therapy brings a new hope for patients with breast cancer.
In this course participants will learn the stateof- the-art of vaginal collagen disease and its clinical diagnostic, trial of patients and the methodology behind the use of Laser therapy. The use of equipment and techniques will also be approached.

The objective of the course is to share with participants this new method and approach to vaginal atrophy and vaginal relaxation syndromes that has been proven to be very efficient and cost saving.


Dr. Ramôa is an OB / GYN Specialist, holding a Master degree in molecular biology and oncology at Faculty of de Medicine of Porto. She received her medical diploma from Faculty of Medicine of Porto, Portugal in 1988, followed by six years of postgraduate study in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Maternidade Júlio Dinis – Centro Hospitalar do Porto, Portugal.
With more than twenty years of education and experience in minimal invasive and advanced gynaecologic surgery, Dr. Ramôa held postgraduate academic education in Medical Lasers and is a pioneer in the use of laser treatments for vaginal rejuvenation in Portugal. With a long experience in advanced gynaecologic surgery in the field of pelvic floor complex disorders, Dr. Paula Ramôa created and developed a Laser Unit in her Department as an alternative for dealing with menopausal syndrome, prolapse and stress incontinence.
Since the opening of the Unit she treated a vast number of patients with excellent results and a high patient satisfaction. She is a member of ALTEC – Association of Laser Therapy and Allied Technologies and of SPILM – Medical Interdisciplinary Laser Portuguese Association as well as the Head of Gynecologic Endoscopy Department, Lusíadas Hospital, Porto, Portugal.


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