Outcomes of the course

This course takes a comprehensive view of what is required by clinicians in order to create an image bank of quality photography which can be used for both research and in real time to show a positive progression of therapy undertaken by the patient. This course teaches digital photography basics and focuses on case documentation for presentations.

Breaking down the complexities and the technicalities of photography, clear defining steps will be explained allowing you to create quality images. With an understanding of the value of the therapists time, this course will help you to achieve the desired results with minimum time and fuss.


• Learn Photography basics and equipment options

• Learn how to perfect images for the case presentations

• Manage RAW images, conversion to JPEG, and create a Power Point Presentation for communication


Originally from Scotland and after a number of years globetrotting, Paul came to the UAE in the late 90’s. He has been witness to a vibrant country, which has grown in so many ways, offering people like him a great opportunity.

He is the owner of “Fuhao” photography His professional portfolio includes various personalities from the UAE Government andRoyal Family, international public figures such as Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Bill Gates, Greg Norman, Rafael Nadal, Gwyneth Paltrow, Morgan Freeman.

As a photographer, he has been published in various magazines and has had images reproduced for three books by National Geographic. In 2003 he was part of a photography team that created a book and documentary for Dubai government for the World Bank Forum.
Paul has worked with various charities including the United Nations World Food Program.
On a personal level, Paul has cycled across Europe, walked the Everest base Camp Trek, and crossed the highest motor able road in the world by motorbike, showing that he is a person who sets and accomplishes his goals in life both personally and professionally.
Currently running a successful agency with Photographers in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, servicing both local and International Clients, he also has a wide ranging network covering different Government offices within the UAE.


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