Objectives & Outcomes of the Course

This course offers a unique approach to varicose veins treatments presenting a new combined method involving surgery, sclerotherapy, laser and cosmetic treatment. In this course, participants will learn the state-of-the art of venous disease and its clinical diagnostic, trial of patients and the methodology behind the use of varicose veins combined treatments. The use of equipment and techniques such as the Colour-Doppler Ultrasound, Endoscopic Ligation and minimal invasive procedures will also be approached.With a long career in surgery and many years of experience in different countries António Baptista developed this varicose veins combined treatment used in thousands of patients with very positive results and a high patient satisfaction.
The objective of the course is to share with participants this new method and approach to varicose veins treatment that has been proven very efficient and cost saving.


Dr. António Lúcio Baptista is a Thoracic and Cardiovascular Specialist . He was a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of Porto, Portugal. Throughout his career he has developed new surgical techniques currently internationalized. He currently works in private practice at the Private Hospitals of Luz Saúde and has several ongoing Scientific Research projects. He is Founder and President of ALTEC – Association of Laser Therapy and Allied Technologies, and Board Member of ELA – European Laser Association. Antonio Baptista is the founder and CEO of Iberia Advanced Health Care, a scientific platform for innovation.

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery in the Faculty of Medicine of Porto, he trained in Portugal and South Africa, where he worked in the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, group of teaching hospitals of the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. He has several published papers and presented at many national and international conferences. He recently published the book “Innovation for change”.


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