Aims & Outcomes of the Course

It becomes paramount to resolve cases with strophic bone without the need of major bone grafting procedures. Implant insertion at the day of surgery with or without the help of small amounts of grafting materials becomes important in the management of post operative follow-up. Learning how to treat in an atraumatic way even troubleshooting cases is the goal of this course.


1988 Doctor of Dentistry in Rome / Italy 1990 license as a doctor of dentistry in Germany 1996 Master in Stomatology with swing Implantology, Medical Akkademie, Rome / Italy 1997 Curriculum in implantology, IDC, Boston / USA Since 1998 visiting professor at the State University in Cartagena / Colombia Since 1998, Clinical Director of the International Implantology Center of the State University in Cartagena / Colombia Since 1998 Clinical Co-Director of Implant Dentistry Centre in Boston / USA Since 2003 Taetigkeitsschwerpunkt implantology, Germany Since 2007 lecturer of the International Masters in Implantology at the University of Rome / Italy Author and co-author of national and international references Speaker at national and international conferences in English, German, Italian and Spanish Guest speaker and clinical instructor at the University of Beijing / China, Boston / USA, Rome / Italy, Curitiba / Brazil Developers, in collaboration with Dr. Vincent Morgan, the implant restoration technology “Integrated Abutment Crown ™” Private practice in Rome / Italy


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