• Have a clear understanding of the Regenerative Medicine field and its peculiarities.

• Have a deep overview of ADSC Importance and innovative features. Highlight pro and Cons of Other techniques.

The Course will cover

• Stem Cells classification

• The Mesenchymal Stem Cells family

• Biological Safety of mesenchymal cells: state of Art

• Innovation of Mesenchymal stem cells expansion process

• Fat vs SVF vs ADSC

• Clinic results of fat vs enriched fat

• Medium Conditioned as new therapeutic asset

• ADSC in the cartilage process of degeneration – clinic results

• Soft tissue augmentation: the proof of principle with expanded ADSC.

• Improve of tissues quality: ExpandedADSC vs FAT

• Regulatory Aspects and standard GMP

• Ethical aspects of Stem Use

• Worldwide ethical Use of stem

• Innovation in oncology: Cancer targeted stem cell therapies


Dr. Giuseppe Mucci started off his journey studying at the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo” in the Faculty of Medicine and earned a degree in Movement Science, later he specialized in psycho-motility. He has been always interested in all innovative approaches in the medical field so that in his business he could positively improve the health of humanity in respect of human physiology, avoiding chemistry and invasive surgery. He has covered important roles in introducing themost advanced medical informatics in medical nutrition therapy and body composition, as well as having transferred the innovation of the aerospace technology for the early detection of melanoma by digital dermoscopy. After a solid introduction into the world of medicine, Giuseppe then lifted his career by founding his company in 1999, operating in the sector of biotechnology.

In 2005 he launched the Bioscience Foundation (UK) dedicated to knowledge sharing, content management, T-learning and peer-to-peer learning in medical science. Giuseppe began lecturing as Professor ofBio-Economy at the University of Lugano (Switzerland) and is also part of the Faculty of Economics.
Giuseppe is as well a member of the Advisory Board of University of Roma Tor Vergata. Throughout his years of expertise, Giuseppe has provided countless scientific research in clinical application of Adipose Derived Stem Cells in cardiac scar tissue repair in infarcted hearts, system sclerosis, soft tissue augmentation (breast augmentation), scar and burns.
He has been a speaker at many international conferences in the sector cell transplantation and was the co-author of several studies and books.


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