Outcomes of the Course

1. Show the actual oral status to a better understanding of the procedures that should be accomplished through photographs, study models and iintraoral radiographs.

2. Mounting the models in a semi-adjust able articulator for a study of possible occlusal problems.

3. Functional and Esthetic Protocol for Oral Rehabilitation

4. Diagnostic wax-up for the proper planning procedures based on the protocol for oral rehabilitation

5. Esthetics concepts

6. Impression

7. Understand the actual concepts of dental preparations for the production of the different infrastructure for the CAD/CAM system

8. CAD/CAM manufacturers and available materials and their individual characteristics

9.The importance of staining and polishing CAD/CAM ceramic restoration

10.Development of correct emergence profile and cervical contour with immediate provisional restoration

11.Abutment selection, designing and its influence on the emergence profile


• How clinical and laboratory steps for a functional and esthetic protocol for full-mouth rehabilitation that promotes patient understanding and dental team cooperation to achieve predictable outcomes.

• How important is the esthetic checklist and understanding of the natural tooth.

• How the success of a full rehabilitation will depend directly on the high quality of provisional restorations.

• How the implant-supported provisional restorations are used to transfer the necessary information to fabricate customized zirconia abutments with the correct emergence profile and cervical contours.

• How CAD/CAM technology and materials gives consistently reliable results.


Dr. Dario Adolfi received his D.D.S. at the University of São Paulo in 1979. He is a Dental Technician and large experience in the ceramic field. He is the director of Spazio Education in São Paulo, adviser for ceramics companies. Dr. Adolfi has published extensively many articles and author of book Natural Esthetics in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Russian published by Quintessence International. Lecturer, practical courses and hands on demonstration in Asia, Europe, Australia, South America and the United States.


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