The average person smiles 232,000 times throughout their life. Half of us say we don’t smile as much as we should and three quarters of us would like to smile more. So what is stopping you from smiling?

Many of us feel self-conscious about our teeth when we smile. Perhaps we have crooked or missing teeth, gaps or teeth that aren’t as white as we would like. Whatever your insecurities when it comes to smiling, you can rest assured that Digital Smile Design can be the answer for your perfect smile.

Change is daunting. Many of us will have lived with an imperfect smile for years, if not always. We may be wary of how we will look if we were to do something to change our smile for the better. That is where smile design can help. Download our FREE eBook below or read on to find out why your smile is so important to us, and should be to you, and how Digital Smile Design is revolutionizing how people like you are finding the perfect smile.

The surprising Ways in Which Smiling Changes Your Life for the Better

Smiling Can Change Your Life

Most of us take smiling for granted. It is a subconscious act performed by our facial muscles multiple times a day. We might not even think or pause for a moment to consider how this action impacts our lives. Smiling does have a huge impact on your daily life. People have extensively studied and there is compelling evolutionary and scientific evidence as to exactly why your smile is such a powerful tool.

1. Your Smile Is Your Superpower

Did you have a superhero growing up, who you always secretly wanted to be? Did they have fantastic superpowers that help them save the world while making everybody happy? It probably didn’t come as too much of a shock to realise that you didn’t actually have superpowers like the superheroes you wanted to be.

But every human being is born with one vital superpower – the power to smile. It is the same wherever you live in the world. For example, a world renowned facial expression scientist studying a remote tribe in Papua New Guinea discovered they smiled in reaction to exactly the same facial expressions and cues as the rest of the world.

Did you realize unborn babies even smile in the womb? This has been demonstrated in 3D ultrasounds. Once babies are born then they continue to smile, even in their sleep and blind babies will smile in reaction to their mother’s voice.

Now you know you are born with a superpower, what else do you think it can do for you?

2. Smiling Can Predict Your Life

This may sound extraordinary, but a 30-year longitudinal study examined people’s smiles in their yearbook photos. Fascinatingly it found that researchers could predict a person’s longevity, their success in life, and even the length of their marriage based on just that yearbook photo.

Another study conducted in 2010 examined baseball player cards from the pre-50s, looking at the width of their smiles. They discovered that baseball players who were photographed with larger smiles lived longer. Players who were shown not smiling in their pictures lived an average of 72.9 years while those who were depicted with beaming smiles lived an average of 79.9 years, which is a pretty big increase and is certainly something to feel happy about!

3. We Can Tell If a Smile Is Fake

Around a third of us will smile more than 20 times a day, while less than 14% of us will smile less than five times a day. Children are estimated to smile a whopping four hundred times a day. Researchers have also discovered that it’s very difficult to frown at someone who is smiling at you because our facial muscles have evolved to react positively to smiling.

A recent study assessed how accurately we can tell whether a smile is real or fake. Researchers discovered that when we can mimic a person’s smile we are able to easily tell whether it is genuine. When researchers repressed this action by getting subject to hold a pencil in their mouth, they discovered people were far less able to accurately determine if a smile was truly genuine.

Having this innate ability to detect a fake smile is an extremely powerful tool when communicating with others.

4. Smiling Affects Your Sense of Well-Being

It’s been known for an extremely long time that smiling affects your well-being as Charles Darwin developed the Facial Feedback Response theory, which stated that “Even the stimulation of an emotion tends to arouse it in our minds.”

This has been borne out in a far more recent study where injections were used to suppress the action of smiling and which in turn suppressed emotional feedback in the brain, preventing that feel good feeling we have when we smile. In fact, smiling stimulates the reward mechanism within the brain in a way that is highly effective, even more so than eating chocolate and it is far more tooth-friendly and better for your waistline!

UK researchers discovered that just one smile can generate the same amount of rewarding stimulation in the brain as 2000 bars of chocolate! The same study discovered that smiling stimulates the brain in much the same way as receiving a large sum of cash.

5. Smiling Can help to Make You Healthier

Smiling can help you to remain healthy by promoting happy feelings in your brain. When you smile it activates neural messages that benefit your happiness and health. Every time you smile it releases neuropeptides which allow neurons to communicate and which work to fight off stress. These neuropeptides facilitate messages to your body, communicating whether you feel happy, sad, excited, angry or depressed. When you smile feel good neurotransmitters which include endorphins, dopamine and serotonin are all released.

These help to reduce the levels of stress inducing hormones including cortisol and adrenaline while enabling your body to relax. At the same time smiling can help reduce blood pressure levels and your heart rate. Endorphins are also natural pain relievers while serotonin is an antidepressant and mood lifter. Many antidepressants are designed to influence serotonin levels in your brain, an effect that can be achieved to some extent simply by smiling.

6. Smiling Changes How You Are Perceived by Others

A nice smile is irresistible. When you smile you look and feel good about yourself, and at the same time, others will see you smile. This prompts them to mimic your smile so that in turn they also look and feel good about themselves. Yet another study discovered that when you smile you appear more likeable to others and more courteous, as well as more confident and sincere.

Researchers have also discovered that when you see an attractive smiling face it activates part of your brain that processes sensory rewards, meaning that when you see someone smiling, you feel as if you are somehow rewarded.

7. Smiling Creates Relationships

A 2011 study asked people to assess smiling and attractiveness, discovering that both sexes found photos of people who were smiling and who were making eye contact more attractive compared to those who didn’t. Another study discovered that if you want to have a new relationship then you need to smile because when forming new bonds with people, we are much more attuned to positive emotions than to negative emotions.

This is where being able to detect a fake smile is particularly useful and that when people see a proper smile expressing positive emotions, it provides them with important relationship information. Being able to detect this emotion can help people to feel more secure in a new relationship and it can even help to resolve conflicts, providing one partner with a reason to give the other partner the benefit of the doubt. When you smile it creates a connection with another person, communicating to them that they are important to you. When you have a nice big smile, it shows you are willing to open up, allowing others to get to know you a little better, exposing your vulnerability. This can help you personally, when trying to meet that special someone and professionally when trying to get ahead in your career.

8. Smiling Can Help Your Career

When interviewing for your dream job, a genuine smile can help give you an edge over your competition, even if they have greater experience or better qualifications. This is because a nice smile can make you seem more personable and trustworthy which in turn makes you more memorable to your interviewer. While it’s obviously important that you can do the job in question, employers also want someone who will work well with others and who is approachable and friendly, both factors that are conveyed by a nice sincere smile. No-one wants to work with someone who looks miserable all the time.

How Good Dental Health Can Help You Smile with Confidence

A genuine and friendly smile exposes your teeth. Looking after your oral and dental health will allow you to continue enjoying all the benefits of a great smile and fresh breath. Ensure you visit the dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings and pay attention to your daily oral hygiene routine. Twice daily brushing and once-a-day flossing will help keep your smile in great shape.

Aiming to start each day with a grin can change your external and internal experiences so make sure you wear your smile as frequently as possible. Ultimately, smiling is something we do all the time and hopefully multiple times each day, but not everyone does it effectively. Trying too hard to smile naturally can have the very opposite effect so remember to be yourself and to let your true personality shine through. Your smile can help the world to become a happier place!

A famous quote from Mother Teresa sums up the potential power of a smile. She said,

“I will never understand all the good that a simple smile can accomplish.”

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What Do You Do When You Don’t Love Your Smile?

There’s lots of compelling evidence and research as to why your smile is so powerful. But what do you do when you don’t love your smile? Perhaps you are self conscious about how your teeth look – with gaps, broken teeth or a crooked smile. What can you do to change your relationship with your smile?

Many of us choose to make changes to our smile. As well as having cosmetic benefits, Digital Smile Design can also strengthen remaining teeth, address any underlying problems and make you more likely to look after your new brilliant smile.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is a revolutionary new process that is changing the way people get a smile makeover. Using cutting edge technology and software, Digital Smile Design (or DSD for short) uses images and data taken during your initial consultation to create the perfect smile for your unique dental status and face symmetry. Using DSD you can be sure that the results will be natural and will address the dental issues you have concerns over, in the most efficient way possible. You can even see the intended results before your treatment, with the option to test-drive your new smile.

Why Opt For Digital Smile Design?

This innovative technology is the ideal way to get your perfect smile makeover. The advantages of using Digital Smile Design for your smile makeover include:

  • A smile designed for you – using photos, data and even questions about your personality, Digital Smile Design will create the perfect smile for your face. You won’t need to worry about whether you will suit your new smile, or if it will look natural. The software will choose the perfect solution for your needs, to fit your bone structure.
  • A smile co-designed by you – one of the amazing benefits of Digital Smile Design is the opportunity for you to co-design your smile. As you see the proposed results, you can choose if you would like changes made before any work begins.
  • A smile for your budget – one of the main concerns patients have when it comes to having a smile makeover is how much it will cost. Digital Smile Design will enable your dentist to be clear about how much treatment will cost, so you can plan accordingly, without any unpleasant surprises.

A Smile you can test drive – one of the things patients love most about Digital Smile Design is the opportunity to ‘test drive’ your perfect smile before any treatment begins. You will get the chance to see and feel how your new smile will be, reassuring you of how you will feel with your new smile.

Who Is a Candidate for Digital Smile Design?

You may be wondering if you would be suitable for Digital Smile Design. Perhaps you only have a small gap that you would like rectifying, or perhaps you have many gaps and broken teeth and feel you may not be suitable for such treatment.

The great news is that if you are looking to get your perfect smile, you are suitable for Digital Smile Design! Whether you have a shorter course of treatment or more complex procedures, this technology can help you. It can also help patients who would like a whiter smile at the end of treatment.

What does the process involve?

  1. Assessment and information gathering: Firstly, you will visit the practice for a consultation. Here we will get to know you really well! We will take photographs, impressions and x-rays of your mouth and teeth using our state-of-the-art Digital Smile Design imaging technology and software. We will also take some video footage of your mouth when you talk, smile and laugh to get a detailed recording of the movement and symmetry in your face. There will be a number of questions that we ask which will allow us to understand your concerns and wishes when it comes to your teeth and smile.
  2. Analysis and treatment planning: We assess all your data and design a smile based on everything that you told us. All cases are reviewed by a digital planning centre where a team of dental specialists ensure the clinical quality. This means your case will not only result in your desired esthetic outcomes but will do so from within a healthy functioning mouth. With this information, we can create a mock-up of your new smile with the various treatment options.
  3. Smile preview: You are then invited back to the practice to test drive your new smile. This means that you can see what your smile will look like and you’ll know what to expect at the end of treatment. All the treatment options will be explained to you in detail, along with the costs and the expected timeframes for each. We will also fit a temporary mould on your teeth that will show you how your teeth will look at the end of treatment. You will then be able to decide on any final alterations, for example tooth colour, tooth shape etc. before we get started with treatment.
  4. Patient Approval: Once you’re happy with your smile design and have agreed to the specific treatment, the treatment can begin. For some patients this might be having dental braces fitted or implant surgery, so treatment times will vary from person to person.
  5. Treatment: Thanks to Digital Smile Design technology we can track your treatment progress and ensure that the smile we showed you is identical to the smile that you’ll receive.
  6. The end result: Once your treatment is complete, you will be able to enjoy your new smile and show it off to the world with renewed confidence.

Over the past few years, cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly sophisticated and can offer you the opportunity to achieve the smile of your dreams. Up until recently a smile makeover generally involved a high degree of trust between dentist and patient as often the patient would be unsure as to how their smile would look
at the end of treatment. Digital Smile Design eliminates this uncertainty and allows for a close collaboration between dentist and patient. With this treatment option you can be sure of achieving the desired outcome during a process that is more enjoyable.

That is not to say that deciding to have a smile makeover doesn’t still require careful consideration. You will need to understand the process fully. You should feel comfortable to ask any questions you have at a first consultation and shouldn’t agree to any treatment until you feel confident your dentist will create the smile you desire.

We have outlined below five important questions to ask your cosmetic dentist when you are considering a smile makeover.

1. How Can You Fix My Teeth?

There are a wide range of treatments designed to correct the appearance of teeth, while some treatments will also help to restore dental health. Common issues include unsightly gaps in between teeth, having teeth that are chipped or worn down, or which are rotated. A smile makeover can realign teeth which do not bite together correctly. Cosmetic dentistry can also correct problems affecting badly decayed teeth or will replace those that are missing completely.

Solutions that may be suggested by your Dubai dentist include:

  • Cosmetic tooth colored fillings made from advanced composite resin to mend cavities in teeth.
  • Dental bonding which is a process that also uses composite resin to create a more cosmetically perfect tooth in a way that is minimally invasive, applying the resin to the tooth and reshaping it
  • Enamel recontouring is a procedure where a small amount of tooth enamel is removed to help provide more pleasing contours to a tooth. Removing such a small amount of enamel doesn’t damage the tooth.
  • All-ceramic crowns can restore badly decayed and damaged teeth, or teeth that have received root canal therapy.
  • All-ceramic bridges can restore teeth that are missing completely.
  • Porcelain veneers are frequently used in smile makeovers, covering up small imperfections, badly stained teeth and teeth that may be chipped or worn down.
  • Sophisticated dental implants provide an advanced way to replace missing teeth and may be used to replace single, multiple or even complete arches of teeth using implant-supported crowns, bridges and even implant-supported dentures.
  • The very latest orthodontics can be utilized to realign your teeth, so they bite together correctly. Modern orthodontic solutions are often extremely discreet, precisely moving teeth into the correct positions.
  • Laser dentistry can gently reshape a “gummy smile,” creating a gum line that will frame and enhance your teeth.

The idea behind good cosmetic dentistry is to create a more beautiful smile using advanced
techniques that are minimally invasive. Once completed, your smile should look and feel wonderful, providing you with teeth that are fully functional.

2. How Will You Create a Smile That Suits My Face?

Digital Smile Design promotes a facial approach to dentistry, so your dentist will closely collaborate with you to understand your idea of a perfect smile. Working with your dentist, you can design your smile and they can guide you as to which tooth shapes will best complement your facial structure, enhancing your natural beauty. Some people like to bring in photos of teeth they find appealing and this can be an excellent starting point for your design. However, bear in mind that your smile is unique, and your teeth will be designed to complement your facial features skin tone, gender and even your personality.

To more fully assess your smile, your dentist will take photographs, video footage, impressions and x-rays of your mouth which will be reviewed by a digital design team. All this information provides a good basis for your initial design. With Digital Smile Design, you can influence even the smallest modifications to your teeth. You can then decide if you would like any changes. Sometimes even subtle changes can create a significant difference to the appearance of your smile. For example, you will be able to decide the exact length of your teeth and your dentist can guide you as to which will be most complimentary and in proportion for your smile. During the design phase, your dentist will clearly explain which treatments will be used to create certain effects and will devise a customized treatment plan formulated to meet your aims and desires for your smile makeover.

3. How Will I Look after Treatment?

This is one of the most exciting things about Digital Smile Design as you will be able to view virtual images showing exactly how your new smile will complement your facial features and even your hairstyle. Your dentist will work with you until you are happy with the digital design. At this stage, the digital design is transferred onto a diagnostic model or mock-up, creating a 3-D representation of your new teeth. The next step is to provide you with temporary restorations based on your Digital Smile Design.

This allows you to “test drive” your new smile as you will be able to assess the look and feel of your teeth, as well is their functionality. Any additional modifications required can be made at this stage, for example you might decide that one or two teeth look tooth short or too long, or perhaps you’d like the shape or color of your teeth altered in some way. You will have the opportunity to examine every aspect of your smile in detail until you are completely happy with the final design. Digital Smile Design eliminates many of the concerns patients have when committing to a significant amount of dental work, so you will know exactly how your smile will look once completed.

4. How Much Will This Cost?

The cost of cosmetic dentistry can vary tremendously depending on the selected treatments and their complexity. For example, while cosmetic white fillings and tooth whitening treatments are extremely affordable and quick, other lengthier and more complicated treatments will cost more, although they may provide long-term benefits for your smile and for your dental health. Dental implants are a good example.

While the initial costs of dental implants may be a little higher than alternative treatments, when properly cared for, dental implants can last for many years. The cost of each treatment can be discussed in depth and all possible options will be clearly explained in your treatment plan. The cost of your smile makeover can be adjusted to fit your budget and you will learn the exact price of your treatment well before you commit to any procedures.

5. How Long Will Treatment Take?

The time required can vary tremendously as for example tooth recontouring and dental bonding, teeth whitening, and cosmetic white fillings are all treatments that can be completed in as little as a single visit. Other treatments such as ceramic crowns, bridges and veneers may only need a short while to complete. More complex treatments will take longer and include dental implants and orthodontics. Even the time required for these treatments can vary considerably as sometimes cosmetic braces can realign teeth in a matter of just a few weeks or months while conventional orthodontics will take longer. Once your treatment plan is completed, your dentist can discuss the time required in far greater detail.

If you are considering a smile makeover in preparation for a special event, then it may be possible to adjust treatments to fit in with your timeline. Generally, it is better to allow more time to complete a smile makeover so there is no need to rush the process and you can relax and enjoy the creation of your beautiful new smile. The Digital Smile Design approach may make it possible to complete your smile in fewer appointments. This is because of the detailed planning phase during which time every single aspect of your treatment is carefully considered, providing you with an optimal treatment outcome.

Making the decision to have a comprehensive smile makeover is frequently a considerable investment of your time and money, not to mention your well-being. To ensure you receive the best possible treatment outcome, it’s worth doing your research. It is important that you feel completely confident in the abilities of your cosmetic dentistry team, especially as a good smile makeover is a combination of
artistry and science.

Vilafortuny – Digital Smile Design (DSD) Clinic

Vilafortuny is a Digital Smile Design clinic, a service that isn’t available everywhere and which provides patients with far greater opportunity to participate in their smile design. The experienced dentists at the clinic can address any questions during your initial consultation for Digital Smile Design.

Your smile is an integral part of your personality and well-being and it’s important to get it exactly right.

We understand what a huge decision restorative dentistry can be for patients. That is why we have two specialist DSD dentists at Vilafortuny, who are experienced in restorative dentistry and trained in DSD.

Our DSD Specialists – Dr Kathrin Trelles and Dr Fadi Kanan

Dr. Kathrin Trelles

Dr Fadi Kanan

Dr Kathrin Trelles is a general dental practitioner and the founder of our state-of-the-art dentistry, plastic and aesthetic laser surgery clinic Vilafortuny. Dr Trelles has been practicing in Dubai since 1999 and is a member of the Spanish Society of Laser Oral Application (SELO) as well as the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).

With a Masters in Oral Laser Applications from the University of Barcelona Spain (EMDOLA) and a Masters in Implantology from the University of Warwick, UK, Dr. Trelles is also currently undertaking a PhD in Laser Dentistry at the University of Barcelona, Spain, as well as an accreditation programme with the AACD.

Dr Fadi Kanan is specialized in implant dentistry and is certified by the prestigious Kois Center in Seattle for complete rehab and esthetic cases.

He graduated in 1993 from Mcgill University as a Marine biologist and then went on to graduate in 1996 from Northwestern University (Chicago) as a general dentist. He completed a residency in Surgery and Anesthesiology in Vermont 1998 and 1999. In 2006, he obtained a fellowship from the Misch Institute for Implants and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He continues to better his skills throughout the years and in 2013 graduates from the Kois Institute in Seattle.

In 1999, Dr Kanan joined a private practice in Vermont. He was a part owner for 12 years and then moved to Dubai in 2012. He joined our team to help expand our services and work with the rest of Vilafortuny team to deliver the best care for our patient.

Dr Kanan’s main interest is in complete rehab cases and with his training at the Kois Center, he is able to deliver treatment in all aspects of dentistry.

Dr Kanan is board certified in the USA and Canada and is a member of several societies in the USA and Canada.

How Much Will DSD Cost?

This is a common question when it comes to restorative dentistry. The answer isn’t straightforward. Every case is unique so it is impossible to give a figure for how much it will cost to create a perfect smile. However, we understand at Vilafortuny that cost can be a concern for many patients.

That is why we use Digital Smile Design. The benefit of this cutting edge technology in creating treatment plans means that your dentist can give you an accurate, fully costed treatment plan, before treatment begins.

This allows patients to plan for the costs of treatment, and means there will be no unpleasant surprised during treatment.

We can work with you to create a payment plan to suit your needs with interest free and interest based options for payment.

What is Digital Smile Design and how did it come about in dentistry?

Digital Smile Design (DSD) has been used for over eight years by top dental technicians and dentists all over the world. It has changed the face of smile design with its use of revolutionary technology that allows us to understand the relationship between a patient’s teeth, gums, lips and smile, as well as their facial features in motion and facial gestures. This means that each smile is tailored not only to a person’s physical attributes, but also their own personality, something which had previously been very difficult to achieve.

Why do people choose to have Digital Smile Design?

There are so many benefits to the Digital Smile Design concept. Most people don’t want a smile, they want their smile – and Digital Smile Design gives them their own, tailor-made smile. Even better, they get to work with their dentist to create it! Because of the technology that we use it’s also now possible for patients to test-drive the design of their smile, so they can see exactly what they will look like before they commit to or undergo any treatment. Before Digital Smile Design software came along, it was only possible for patients to see their new smiles on 3D wax mouth models, which still didn’t give a clear picture of how the restored teeth would look inside the mouth.

The whole Digital Smile Design process is so well planned that the treatment may require between 20 to 30% fewer dental appointments.

Can any dentist provide Digital Smile Design?

No. Only dental clinicians who have undertaken the rigorous training required by Digital Smile Design and who comply with all of their protocols can provide patients with the Digital Smile Design service. This ensures that a high quality treatment is always provided when Digital Smile Designing.

As well as undertaking Digital Smile Design courses we train and work with Digital Smile Design technology and Digital Smile Design professionals across the globe to ensure that our patients receive the smiles that they dream of.

Digital Smile Design dentists also benefit from having all patient cases reviewed by a digital planning centre, where a team of experts from a number of dental specialities ensure clinical excellence and the highest standards of treatment.

Is the process painful?

Digital Smile Design is not known to be a painful experience. The process has been described as feeling more like a photoshoot rather than a dental appointment. In a nutshell, all we do is take several photos of your teeth from various angles, some video footage to capture how you move your mouth when you talk and eat, alongside some digital x-rays and then we upload them to our smile design software.

There are no drills or injections involved at this consultation! As with all of our dental treatments, we do everything we can to ensure that the process is as comfortable as possible for all of our patients and will always listen to any worries or concerns that you have before and during treatment.

What if I am a nervous patient?

Here at Vilafortuny we have a wealth of experience in treating nervous or anxious patients. We often find that the best way to help is to listen to any patient concerns and openly encourage you to let us know if you feel nervous. Many patients find a visit to the dentist nerve wracking because they fear a lack of control.

The beauty of Digital Smile Design is that you play a part in the creation of your new smile.

By telling us all about yourself and what you would like your dream smile to look like, we really do develop a relationship with our patients and many feel any nerves start to drop away.

Is Digital Smile Design expensive?

Because your treatment plan will be as personalised as your smile, the cost of Digital Smile Design can vary. The good news is that Digital Smile Design treatment is also so well planned, that we’ll be able to identify exactly how long the process will take and what it will involve before you commit to any treatment. That means that we can also give you a detailed breakdown of costs before you start treatment, so that you can plan your budget.

The beauty of using this approach is that Digital Smile Design can redesign your smile through using dental treatments, whether it be dental implants, veneers, crowns and bridges, fixed dentures or aligners/braces. Once mapped out, the costs for these treatments can be calculated in advance, giving you a clear picture of the costs and how your teeth will look and work at the end of treatment.

How long does the first consultation last?  

Because every patient has different needs, we don’t like to put a time constraint on our appointments, but base them around an individual’s requirements instead. That way, we ensure that treatment isn’t rushed and an in depth analysis, which may include any concerns a patient has, can be effectively carried out.

Digital Smile Design is shaped by the patients’ personality, so we need to get to know you, your dreams and desires!

How qualified is the Vilafortuny team to deliver Digital Smile Design?

Our team members have all undergone the most robust training in Digital Smile Design and consider it an honour to have been accepted as part of this revolutionary global programme. We’re proud that we can bring this state-of-the-art technology to our patients in Dubai as part of our dental care. We consider it one of the most predictable, safe and aesthetic treatments around.

How should I prepare for the first consultation?

Because your smile will be designed around you and your personality, all you really need to bring to your first consultation is you! Some patients spend time thinking about the kind of smile that they would like before they meet us, some even bring photographs, which can help them explain what they want to achieve. If however, you are unsure of just what kind of smile you would like, that’s where we come in!

It’s our job to work with you to create the perfect smile, so don’t worry if you don’t have any ideas at this stage.

I’m not sure how I want my teeth to look after treatment, is that a problem?

The beauty of Digital Smile Design is that we will work with you to design your dream smile before you even begin any treatment. This means that you can see your smile and what it will look like on you, at the very start of the process, instead of waiting until the end. Because the software for Digital Smile Design that is used to record and design your new smile is so accurate, you can be sure that what you see at the start will be identical to what you receive at the end. Digital Smile Design is bringing about a new era in cosmetic dentistry and here at Vilafortuny we are excited to be playing a part in it.

What if I don’t like the way my teeth look in the mock-up?

This is where Digital Smile Design shows its true value: if you are unhappy with the mockup, we can amend it until you are happy! The software enables dentists to design a variety of tooth restoration outcomes. The benefit of this is that these conversations all take place before any treatment is undertaken, and no permanent dental work has been completed. This flexibility allows us to really understand what every patient is really looking for with the end result, not only in terms of appearance but also function and fit.

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