Dr. Nizar Ishaq


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Dr Nizar Ishaq

After having practised in the UAE for over 18 years, Dr Nizar Ishaq has earned a reputation for being one of the country’s leading orthodontists. Dr Ishaq works with adults as well as children, using some of the most advanced techniques in orthodontics to treat his patients.

Dr Ishaq has received his qualification from the University of Nantes in France and holds two Masters degrees in orthodontics (DUO, CES). He is also a member of the French Orthodontist Association.

Dr Nizar is proud to have earned the designation of Diamond Apex Invisalign Provider® qualifying him as exceptional orthodontist amounting experience and knowledge in performing the Invisalign® treatments. Passing over 1000 Invisalign cases, Dr Ishaq can boast his experience as the leading Diamond Apex Invisalign Provider®

Moreover, Dr Nizar has also a ‘Teenage’ Invisalign® specialist, establishing him as a favourite amongst the youth for his skillset and recognition in treating children and young adults.

Every Invisalign provider is assigned a qualification based on the number of cases they have completed. Offering you peace of mind and confidence in the provider you choose.
Originally there were four certifications for Providers;
1. Preferred Provider – Must perform at least 10 cases per year.
2. Premium Provider – Has Treated 50 cases and performs at least 25 cases ever 6 months.
3. Elite Provider – Performs 50 cases every 6 months and has treated a minimum of 300 cases in total.
4. Diamond Provider – This is the top 1% of providers and must have treated at least 800 cases in total, as well as continue to perform a minimum of 200 cases every year!

There are now an elite few that have been awarded the title of Diamond Apex Provider. We have surpassed the expected number of cases to qualify for the original top tier and continue to perform the most Invisalign cases across the whole of Europe & EMEA. We truly are experts in Invisalign!