Walid Atallah

Fashion Designer

Walid Atallah, the International Fashion Designer, was born in Lebanon. Inspired by the magnificence of fashion, from Lebanon, he travelled to Dubai.

In 1996, Walid launched his first fashion show with the presence of Lebanese celebrity Najwa Karam & top model Nathalie Fadlallah. The show turned into huge success & he has been widely accepted in the region and consecutive fashion shows followed in most of the top spots.

Fashion Designer, Walid Atallah’s success & fame in Dubai had brought him in the International scene. In 2007, he launched his “Royalty collection” in the fashion capital – Rome, Italy which turns into yet another amazing show. He was awarded for his elegant & exquisite designs. Today, he is visible in Lebanon, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Paris, Bucharest in Romania and New York.

Walid has decided to commence his own courses at Vilafortuny instructing enthusiastic young and accomplished designers in the art of fashion, from sketching through to cutting techniques of fashion design.