Ceramic Braces

Blend-in with Subtle, Tooth-Coloured. 

Ceramic braces were created with aesthetics in mind – these braces are the same size and shape as metal braces, except that they have tooth-coloured or clear brackets that blend into teeth. Some even use tooth-coloured wires to be even less noticeable.

“Ceramic braces are one of a few dental brace options specifically designed to fit the adult lifestyle – they help hide the fact you’re wearing braces by blending in with your teeth. Because of their transparency ceramic braces are a very popular alternative to metal braces,” says Dr Kathrin Trelles, founder of Vilafortuny.

Vilafortuny’s team of doctors are set to capably serve Dubai’s burgeoning dental and cosmetic treatment needs. According to founder Dr Kathrin Trelles, also an experienced Dubai-based implantologist cosmetic laser dentist, each member of her team is focussed on unparalleled patient care and best outcomes. Dental treatments and cosmetic procedures can sometimes be stressful for patients – they can be apprehensive about anything, from a single step to the post-procedure outcomes.

Woman Smiling With Ceramic Braces

This is why the staff and team of doctors at Vilafortuny are experienced and skilled enough to guide you through every step of your procedure and answer any question and alleviate any concerns you may have. The doctors at Vilafortuny are also highly accredited and celebrated in their respective fields; the team comprises several heads and high-level members of various boards, are trained to operate laser technology and are constantly upgrading their skill levels through new accreditation programmes.