Jaw discomfort and clicking? It might be TMJ dysfunction.

Are you suffering from Occlusal bite problems and TMJ dysfunction?

Occlusal bite problems and TMJ dysfunction is a common issue that a lot of patients suffer from.

The joints on either side of the head where the lower jaw and skull connect are known as the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. It is the joint in our body that is utilized the most frequently, helping us to talk, chew, and open and close our mouths.

Occlusal bite problems and TMJ dysfunctions may occur from any issue that hinders the TMJ from functioning properly.

TMJ issues frequently have chronic symptoms that might impair a patient’s quality of life.

Teeth grinding, stress, arthritis, traumas, and displacement of the disc between the jawbone and the socket are potential causes of TMJ problems.

Occlusal Bite Problems

Problems with the occlusal bite can cause anything from loose teeth to face pain.
A troublesome bite, or occlusion (bite) disorders, can lead to a number of problems, including loose or worn-down teeth, problems with the jaw joint, and even facial discomfort.

Very few people in the world have what dental professionals consider a perfect bite.
Your head, neck, and maybe even the majority of your body parts could be affected by anomalies in the teeth because they are a component of a system that also includes muscles and joints.

Difficulty in opening and closing your mouth causes pain in the cheeks and jaw earaches or ringing in the ears.

Frequent headaches, discomfort in the shoulders and neck could be caused by TMJ issues. Clicking sounds in the joint or jaw muscles when opening and closing the mouth changes in how your teeth fit together when you bite.

Therapy for TMJ disorders

TMJ issues can be difficult and may need a variety of techniques to be diagnosed
Occlusal bite problems and TMJ dysfunction can be difficult and may need a variety of techniques to be diagnosed.

In order to ease pain and relax the muscles, we may advise stress management, bite plate or splint therapy, or short-term non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, depending on the diagnosis.

If these don’t work, we could suggest that you see a TMJ specialist or an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for more treatment options. A consultation with our Dubai based team is your starting point.

A surgical approach can involve joint reconstruction, arthrocentesis, or arthroscopy.

Occlusal bite problems and TMJ dysfunction

For this reason, prosthodontists think that proper occlusion ( normal bite) is essential to optimal health.

Vilafortuny creates night guards for patients who clench and grind their teeth at night, or “night bruxers”.

The clinic also uses the Kois Deprogrammer approach, which effectively treats jaw pain, chewing and feeding issues, and dysfunctions of the bite.

A retainer-like tool called the Kois Deprogrammer enables dentists to assess the stability of your current bite.

By removing the impact of the patient’s teeth from their chewing system in Vilafortuny Dubai, dentists are able to determine the position of the patient’s natural bite. As a result, we create the best potential treatment plan for optimal results.

Kois Center - Advanced Dentistry through Science

Kois Center Alumni are dental professionals who have completed all the required courses at the Kois Center to become a Graduate, and become leading experts in the field of occlusion in the dental community.

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    Do You Grind Your Teeth at Night? Nightguards Can Help!

    Do you wake up with a sore jaw or dull headaches? You might be grinding your teeth at night, a condition called bruxism. If so, your dentist may recommend a nightguard to protect your teeth.
    You might not be grinding but clenching? Still causes a headache and muscle fatigue. A nightguard in this case might not be the solution for you. A proper functional assessment should be done to determine the cause of your clenching in order to establish a proper treatment for you.
    What are Nightguards?

    Nightguards, also known as mouth guards, dental splints, or bite plan and they are custom-made mouthpieces worn at night to prevent teeth grinding. They are typically made from hard or hard/soft and durable material and fit snugly over your teeth.

    Vilafortuny Dubai advises on what are the following benefits of Nightguards?
    • Prevents wear and tear:Nightguards act as a barrier between your upper and lower teeth, absorbing the pressure from grinding and protecting your teeth from chipping, cracking, or excessive wear.
    • Reduces jaw pain and headaches:Bruxism commonly does not cause jaw pain or symptoms but malocclusion can cause jaw pain and headaches. Nightguards can sometimes help alleviate these symptoms by reducing muscle tension in the jaw, but won’t stop you from grinding, it will working more like a pillow.
    • Improves sleep quality:Grinding and clenching can disrupt your sleep. Nightguards can promote a more restful sleep by minimizing these disruptive movements.
    How to choose the Right Nightguard?

    There are three main types of mouthguards available:

    • Stock mouthguards:These are pre-made mouthguards available in various sizes at pharmacies or sporting goods stores. They are the least expensive option but may not offer the best fit or comfort.
    • Boil-and-bite mouthguards:These mouthguards are softened in hot water, allowing you to mould them somewhat to your teeth for a more customized fit. They provide a better fit than stock mouthguards but may still not be as comfortable or effective as custom-made options.
    • Custom-fitted mouthguards: These are the most comfortable and effective option. A dentist takes an impression of your teeth to create a mouthguard that fits perfectly. While they are more expensive than other options, they offer the best protection and comfort.
    Should I talk to a dentist at Vilafortuny Dubai if I have any concerns?

    If you suspect you might be grinding your teeth at night, schedule an appointment with your dentist. They can assess your situation and recommend the best type of nightguard for you. Nightguards are a simple and effective way to protect your teeth and improve your overall well-being.

    If you are looking for some Additional Tips:
    • Clean your nightguard regularly with soap and water.
    • Bring your nightguard to your regular dental checkups for inspection.
    • Replace your nightguard every 6 months or as recommended by your dentist.
    Nightguards: Are they a Smart Investment?

    Investing in a nightguard can save you money and discomfort in the long run by preventing dental problems caused by bruxism. Talk to our team in Al Wasl Road, Jumeriah 3, Dubai today to learn more about nightguards and how they can benefit you.

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    Fuelled by continuous, dedicated research and technological leaps forward, the scope of cosmetic dentistry and plastic and aesthetic surgery grows each year to improve millions of lives.

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    Fuelled by continuous, dedicated research and technological leaps forward, the scope of cosmetic dentistry and plastic and aesthetic surgery grows each year to improve millions of lives.

    Social Networks

    Visit Vilafortuny on these social links and connect with us. Make sure to follow our accounts for regular updates.

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