Why a Correct Bite is Important

Occlusal bite problems can result in anything from loose teeth to facial pain

While very few people in the world have what dental professionals consider a perfect bite, a problematic bite – occlusal bite problems, can cause many issues, such as loose or worn down teeth, jaw joint problems and even facial pains. The teeth are part of a system that includes muscles and joints and irregularities have the potential to affect your head, neck and possibly even most of your body.

Occlusal Bite Problems / TMJ - Jaw Pain

Dr Kathrin Trelles, a leading Dubai-based implantologist cosmetic laser dentist and founder of Vilafortuny, explains: “That’s why neuromuscular and prosthodontists believe that neuromuscular occlusion – that is, getting your bite right – is crucial to good health. Vilafortuny produces night guards for night bruxers – patients who clench and grind their teeth. The clinic also employs the Kois Deprogrammer concept, which reliably helps correct bite dysfunctions, problems with chewing or eating and pain in the jaw muscles.”

The Kois Deprogrammer is a device similar to a retainer, which allows dentists to determine the stability of your existing bite. In Vilafortuny, dentists use the deprogrammer to remove the influence of the patient’s teeth from their chewing system, allowing dentists to discern the position of their natural bite and, in turn, design the best possible treatment for optimised results.