Forgo Standard Metallic Braces for an Upgraded System

With the orthodontic advancements of today, patients are benefiting from extraordinary aesthetic improvements, without disruptions to their lifestyles. Metallic braces, like the Damon System, for instance, is a self-ligating concept that presents a number of advantages over the standard metal braces.

“For wearers, one of the main advantages is that Damon systems are nearly invisible. This is important aesthetically, as a lot of people find wearing metal braces is quite embarrassing. But this system has several other advantages as well,” notes Dr Kathrin Trelles, founder of Vilafortuny.

One of the biggest advantages of opting for the Damon system, explains Dr Trelles, is that the treatment time is greatly reduced, in some case by up to six months when compared to treatments using traditional metallic braces. Additionally, much fewer appointments are needed, with the average being 47.8% less.

Woman Smiling with Metallic Braces

“What this means is that although the system itself may be a lot more expensive, the treatment is significantly cheaper, which means that they actually cost the same if not less overall. The system is better for the teeth because it does not use any kind of friction since there are no metal or elastic ligatures. Hence, teeth are able to slide into position. It is this that cuts down on the treatment time. Furthermore, it also means less pain is experienced by those who have to wear them,” explains Dr Trelles.

The Damon system is also considered more hygienic. The elastic bands that are placed over standard braces often accumulate plaque and other bacteria and they often start to get discoloured. Because Damon doesn’t use ligatures, oral health is maintained throughout the treatment period.