Vilafortuny Brings Skilled, Multidisciplinary Practitioners Together Under One Roof

Dentists laser cosmetic surgeons Dubai. Talented, experienced and highly accredited – doctors at state-of-the-art dentistry, plastic and aesthetic laser surgery clinic boast stellar backgrounds

Vilafortuny’s team of doctors, by drawing on their extensive national and global experience, capably serve Dubai’s burgeoning dental and cosmetic treatment needs. According to founder Dr Kathrin Trelles, an experienced Dubai-based implantologist cosmetic laser dentist herself, each member of her team is focussed on delivering unparalleled patient care and bettering patient outcomes.

“Dental treatments and cosmetic procedures can sometimes be stressful for patients – they can be apprehensive about anything from a single step during the procedure to the post-treatment care. The staff and team of doctors at Vilafortuny are experienced and skilled enough to guide patients through every step of their treatments and answer any questions and alleviate any concerns they may have,” says Dr Trelles.

The doctors at Vilafortuny are also highly accredited and celebrated in their respective fields; the team comprises several heads and high-level members of various boards, are trained to operate laser technology and are constantly upgrading their skill levels through new accreditation programmes.

Vilafortuny Team

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Dr. Kathrin Trelles
Dr. Kathrin TrellesGeneral dental practitioner
Dr Kathrin Trelles, a general dental practitioner and founder of state-of-the-art dentistry, plastic and aesthetic laser surgery clinic Vilafortuny, has been practising in Dubai since 1999 …
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Dr. Nizar Ishaq
Dr. Nizar IshaqOrthodontist
After having practised in the UAE for over 11 years, Dr Nizar Ishaq has earned a reputation for being one of the country’s leading orthodontists. Dr Ishaq works with adults as well as children …
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Dr. MJ Ahmed
Dr. MJ AhmedEndodontist
Dr. MJ Ahmed received his DDS from Ajman University in 2005. After one year of internship at Dubai Health Authority, Dr. MJ Ahmed joined the Boston University Institute for Dental Research …
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Dr. Alain Romanos
Dr. Alain RomanosPeriodontist & Implantologist
Dr. Alain Romanos is an Assistant Professor at the postdoctoral program of Periodontology at the Lebanese University and also serve as Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama – Birmingham (USA) …
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Dr. Ahmed Saeed Al Omar
Dr. Ahmed Saeed Al OmarPaediatric Dentist
Dr Ahmad Omer received his DDs from the University of Ajman (UAE) and then joined the University of Bristol where he obtained his Master of Clinical Dentistry for Pediatric Dentisty (MclinDent) …
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Shaymaa Al Reefy
Shaymaa Al ReefyHygienist
Shaymaa graduated from Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Oral Health. She has worked in both the public and private sector in New Zealand …
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Dr. Rachel Hayek
Dr. Rachel HayekGeneral Practitioner (MD)
Aviation Medical Examiner: GCAA, FAA, EASA, CASA & Transport Canada designated AME and has over 28 years of experience in General Medicine Practice and Hospital Practice …
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Dr. Mario Trelles
Dr. Mario TrellesPlastic & Laser Surgeon
Dr Mario Trelles is a seasoned, highly recognised general surgeon and plastic aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon. He is president of the European Society Laser Aesthetic Surgery …
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Dr Francisco de Melo
Dr Francisco de Melo Plastic Surgeon
Dr Francisco de Melo is a board certified Plastic Surgeon with more than 20 years of experience in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery in Portugal and the UAE. Before moving to Dubai in 2012 …
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Dr Jamil Aljamali
Dr Jamil AljamaliPlastic Surgeon
Dr Jamil Aljamali is a German and European board certified Plastic, Aesthetic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgeon with more than 17 years’ experience in …
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Dr. Abdelhakim A. El-Gheriani
Dr. Abdelhakim A. El-GherianiConsultant Orthodontist
Dr. Hakim completed his postgraduate training in Orthodontics at the University of Colorado, USA in 2006 after earning his DMD from the University of Pittsburgh …
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Dr. Hussein Samir Bushnaq
Dr. Hussein Samir BushnaqGeneral Dentistry
Dr. Hussein a graduate from Edinburgh University, UK is dental implant specialist with expertise in surgical and restorative sciences (Eastman Dental Institute in…
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Dr. Rodrigue Abi Nakhle
Dr. Rodrigue Abi NakhlePediatric Dentistry
Dr Rodrigue Abi Nakhle pursued his DDS And MSc in Pediatric Dentistry at Saint Joseph University- Lebanon. He is a member of Lebanese Society of …
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Leonora Rivera
Leonora RiveraLaser Technician
Leonora is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing, with more than 10 years hospital experience with bedside care and management…
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Irene Malabana
Irene MalabanaAviation Nurse
Irene is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing Lyceum of the Philippines University with more than 13 years clinical experience with 8 years in Dubai…
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