Considering dental implants can feel like a huge decision. At Vilafortuny in Dubai, we work with our patients to help de-mystify the process – giving you all the information you need to make the right decision for your desired smile. We give an honest, realistic picture of treatment and how your smile will look afterwards. We work with you to get the results you dream of, and so that you fully understand every step of the process. Our highly skilled and experienced dental team offer you the ultimate quality of service and treatment.

Why Replacing Your Missing Teeth is a Worthwhile Investment

Thanks to advances in healthcare and nutrition, many of us can expect to enjoy longer and healthier lives and will hopefully remain active well into retirement. However, it’s also a time when general and dental health is even more important, especially as tooth loss is still common amongst older adults. Being unable to eat properly or to smile confidently can negatively impact your sense of well-being and may even affect your overall health.

Dentures missing teeth

This is because people with painful or missing teeth, or who have loose, uncomfortable dentures will often avoid certain foods, instead, sticking to a bland and uninteresting diet that may be lacking in essential nutrients.

Luckily, there is a solution which is to have dental implants.

This advanced type of treatment has already helped thousands of people worldwide including well-known household names, some of whom have spoken openly about their positive experience with dental implant treatment:

A few years ago, actor James Cosmo (Braveheart, Trainspotting, Troy and Game of Thrones, to name a few) revealed his problems with tooth loss sustained over years of an action-packed acting career. Comedian and actor Crissy Rock had a similar struggle with tooth loss when her dental health failed after chemotherapy treatment. Both decided to invest in dental implant treatment and have never looked back.

With dental implants, you can enjoy strong, stable teeth which look great, allowing you to eat properly and comfortably, so you can live life to the full.

You’ve worked hard to get to this stage of your life, so don’t you deserve the best?

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Small Change, Big Difference

While you can replace teeth more cheaply, alternative options won’t offer the same benefits and cannot provide the level of comfort and security given by dental implants. In addition, your implant teeth should look great. Dental implants are titanium posts designed to artificially replace natural tooth roots and although small, they can make a huge difference. They utilise the most advanced technology and the most well-known implant systems are backed by years of clinical research.

Some people might be initially deterred from investing in dental implants, but it is worth putting this into perspective. For example, a diamond engagement ring can be a substantial expense, especially for such a small object, but it will hopefully be worn with love and pride for life, representing a worthwhile long-term investment. Perhaps an even better example is to think about other medical devices that are relatively small in size. People will frequently spend thousands of pounds on advanced hearing aids, recognising the huge benefits to quality of life given by these tiny objects. Pacemakers are equally as small but are literally lifesavers.

When properly cared for, your dental implants could last for many years or for life. Then just pause for a moment to think about the positive impact of treatment. That crunchy apple or a juicy steak, or even a simple salad can be easily enjoyed. You will be able to eat comfortably, choosing different textured foods that taste good, and of course, you can confidently smile once more. Dental implants might be tiny but their positive impact on your everyday life and well-being can be huge.

Can Any Dentist Place Dental Implants?

While many dental practices offer dental implants, one has to be wary of the extent of their experience as some general dentists will place dental implants after taking just a weekend-long course. This might be fine for straightforward implant treatment and where only a single missing tooth is involved. However, most people require more complex treatment that is best provided by a prosthodontist.

Why Choose a Prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist is a dental specialist who has completed several years of additional training after first qualifying as a general dentist. They specialise in completing the most complex dental restorations, providing treatment that includes dental implants and full mouth reconstruction. This advanced knowledge is invaluable in providing the very highest standards of dental implant treatment. For implant treatment to be truly successful, every detail must be carefully assessed and planned.

What to Expect during a Typical Implant Procedure

During a typical dental implant treatment, your prosthodontist will first assess your suitability for this procedure before planning your treatment, generally taking dental x-rays, dental impressions and a cone beam CT scan of your mouth. A prosthodontist uses this knowledge to assess exactly which type of implant to use and to decide where each implant should go. 

Your personal treatment plan considers important structures such as nerves and blood vessels that must be avoided while ensuring that each dental implant can be restored to provide you with teeth that look natural and which will feel comfortable when you bite, chew and talk. It takes a great deal of skill and experience to devise a completely successful implant plan. Generally, planning is completed using CADCAM technology.

Next, the digital treatment plan is transferred to a surgical guide for use during surgery. A surgical guide is a sophisticated template, ensuring each implant is accurately placed in its preplanned position. Guided implant surgery is an extremely advanced technique which helps to ensure your dental implant treatment is smoother, quicker and is ultimately more successful.

Does the Idea of Getting Dental Implants Alarm You?

If the answer is yes, then you are not alone. Dental fears and phobias are extremely common, and many people feel anxiety when receiving dental care regardless of whether the treatment is straightforward or more complex. Being nervous or anxious about the thought of implant treatment is certainly not something to apologise for and a caring dentist will have considerable experience in helping to alleviate these fears. They will provide you with gentle, compassionate and respectful dental care but when this isn’t sufficient, sedation dentistry can be extremely useful.

Sometimes dental implant treatments can be extremely complex, and patients may prefer dental sedation. With this approach, your dentist can complete a substantial amount of treatment during a single, comfortable appointment. Even though the procedure may be lengthy, with sedation it will often appear as if just a few moments have passed. Sedation dentistry will allow you to feel deeply relaxed and comfortable and while you might be able to communicate with your dental team, it’s unlikely that you will remember much if anything about your treatment. One popular form of sedation dentistry is intravenous sedation (IV sedation), where the sedatives are continually given intravenously right throughout the appointment. Another option is to have general anaesthesia where you would be completely asleep during treatment.

One question frequently asked by patients is whether sedation dentistry is safe. You can rest assured that an experienced dentist will carefully assess your suitability for any form of sedation using detailed information that includes your medical history. This will allow them to suggest the most suitable forms of sedation for your needs and which will help you feel most comfortable. During treatment, you will be continually monitored, often by a consultant anaesthetist with the specialised knowledge to help ensure your safety. Once treatment is completed then you will generally need to remain at the dental practice until your dentist is absolutely sure you have sufficiently recovered to go home with a trusted friend or relative. Any form of sedation carries a certain level of risk but by taking the appropriate precautions, this risk level can be minimised. Generally, sedation dentistry is extremely safe and is very widely used, especially when providing dental implants.

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants is a worthwhile investment, especially as smiling and communicating with others is such an important part of life. This technology has been widely used for several decades and is regarded as being the gold standard for restoring lost teeth. When properly planned and placed, dental implants will make it easy to forget about tooth loss and instead you can concentrate on enjoying every moment of your life.

Many people are living longer, giving them plenty of time to relax and truly enjoy years of hard work. However, if you have problems with tooth loss, this can negatively impact your sense of well-being and your ability to confidently socialize with friends and family. Due to their innovative design, dental implants are often the most intelligent way to replace teeth.

One of the top implants is the Brånemark implant system which has been in clinical use for over forty years and is manufactured by one of the world’s most well-respected implant company. Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark was instrumental in developing dental implantology and is widely regarded as being the ‘father’ of dental implants. There are several other world-renowned implant companies producing equally high-quality, well-researched implant components. They produce implant components which can be used in a comprehensive choice of treatments, providing suitable options for numerous situations.  

Over the past few decades, dental implant technology has continually improved, offering a long-term, predictable solution for tooth loss. This treatment appeals to people looking for the very highest standard of dental care and who wish to achieve the very best aesthetic outcome.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 reasons as to why you should consider dental implants to replace missing teeth:

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1.  Dental Implants Offer a Permanent Solution

Unlike dentures that must be removed for regular cleaning, dental implants offer a permanent solution for tooth loss. Even if you have lost a complete arch of teeth, you can choose to have it restored with a permanent bridge that is fully supported by dental implants. With this option, it’s easy to forget you ever had any missing teeth.

2.  Dental Implants Osseointegrate

Dental implants are the only tooth loss solution that can will fuse, or osseointegrate with your jawbone. It is a unique process that makes dental implants such a special treatment. When the implant post is inserted into your jawbone, it gradually fuses with the surrounding bone which is called osseointegration. Often the implant post is specially treated in some way, either by being slightly roughened to increase the surface area so it bonds more firmly with the surrounding bone, or it may have a special coating to help encourage new bone growth. The process takes several months to complete, during which time new bone cells gradually grow on the implant post and around it, bonding it to the jawbone and ensuring the post cannot move. Once complete, the implant post is held firmly in place, so it can easily support a replacement crown. Where multiple teeth are missing then several implants can support a complete arch of teeth.

3.  Dental Implants Are Biomimetic

Dental implants are made from medical-grade titanium alloy, a material that is highly biocompatible with your body and which is also used to create replacement joints. Titanium is very inert so any sensitivities to this metal are extremely unlikely, yet it has qualities that allow it to bond with your bone. If you are concerned about having anything metal in your body, then it is possible to have ceramic dental implants which are entirely metal-free.

4.  Dental Implants Stay Firmly in Place

Thanks to the unique ability to bond with your jawbone, dental implants will not move a millimeter. Once they are fully restored with your new teeth, then these teeth will feel strong and stable, just like natural teeth.

5.  Dental Implants Are Backed by Years of Evidence

Dental implants have been extensively studied and improved for decades. Scientists have assessed every aspect of this treatment using long-term clinical data. The longevity and stability of dental implant components produced by the top manufacturers has been thoroughly investigated so you are assured of receiving a quality product that provides a predictable treatment outcome. Well-planned dental implants have extremely high success rates, typically 95% or more. It is a tooth loss solution that has been proven to work.

6.  Bone grafting Opens Up New Possibilities

Since dental implants were first introduced, bone grafting techniques have become extremely sophisticated. A skilled oral surgeon can utilize advanced bone grafting materials that include growth proteins to encourage your own bone growth. These techniques can restore lost bone, increasing the width and height to the required dimensions for dental implant treatment while improving the aesthetic outcome of treatment. There are also advanced gum regeneration techniques that can help to restore gum tissue destroyed by disease. Advanced bone grafts can help you to receive the implant treatment you most desire, without the need to compromise. There are numerous possibilities that could help you and the available techniques and treatments have evolved considerably, even over just the last few years.

7.  Dental Implants Protect the Surrounding Teeth

When you lose natural teeth then the teeth adjacent to the gap will drift towards the empty space. Another problem is the loss of bone that naturally occurs when teeth are removed, and which can destabilize nearby teeth. Dental implants prevent these problems from occurring, ensuring your natural teeth are held in the correct positions, while the implant post helps to prevent bone loss by artificially replacing your tooth root, stimulating the surrounding bone so it remains strong and healthy. When you choose to have a dental bridge to replace missing teeth, the teeth adjacent to the gap must be substantially reshaped to support the bridge. If these teeth are strong and healthy then this may be undesirable whereas dental implants do not require the adjacent teeth to be reshaped in any way. Instead, they will protect and preserve the adjacent teeth.

8.  Dental Implant Treatment is virtually pain-free

Some people are worried that dental implant treatment may be uncomfortable or painful when in fact modern implant techniques are minimally invasive. Experienced implant dentists use computer-guided surgery when placing dental implants, pre-planning the treatment so they know exactly where to place each implant before surgery takes place. This treatment guide is replicated in a computer-generated surgical guide, helping to eliminate any errors while ensuring implant placement is faster, smoother and ultimately more comfortable. Some dental implant treatments do not even require any stitches as the implants are placed directly through the gum tissue. It’s not uncommon to feel no discomfort after having a dental implant and you should be able to return to work or everyday activities the next day after treatment.

9.  Nobody Will Be Able to Tell That You Have Dental Implants

This treatment is so sophisticated that no one will know your implant teeth aren’t your own, unless of course you choose to enlighten them! Unlike dentures that will gradually lose retention, becoming loose and ill-fitting, your implant teeth will remain immovable.

10.  The Prosthetic Components Look like Your Other Teeth

Experienced implant dentists collaborate closely with skilled technicians, creating the most lifelike restorations that will resemble or improve on your natural teeth. The materials used to create these restorations are extremely advanced, closely replicating all the different shades, translucencies and hues found in natural teeth. Each implant restoration is individually designed to compliment your facial features, your skin tone and your gender. If you currently struggle with loose and ill-fitting dentures, then implant-supported teeth can have another nice side-effect. Often heavily worn dentures can be prematurely ageing. Your implant-supported teeth will be constructed to provide the correct support for your facial muscles while ensuring that the proper height is restored between your upper and lower jaws.

Why you can trust Vilafortuny in Dubai to place your dental implants

Vilafortuny in Dubai has a highly skilled and experienced team of dental practitioners on hand to guide you through every step of your dental implants journey.

We advise you choose a specialist dentist rather than a general dentist for your dental implant surgery.

Why Choose an Experienced Implant Dentist?

Once you have decided to begin your dental implants journey towards your preferred smile, you will need to find a dental practice you trust and that has the specialist knowledge and skill to be able to give you the best service possible.

There are many reasons as to why you should choose a very experienced implant dentist. Dental implants represent an investment in your dental health and in your appearance, and you want to achieve the very best outcome. Experience makes a huge difference when placing and restoring dental implants, ensuring you receive a smile you will be proud to show. General dentists will only tend to be familiar with one or two implant systems whereas an experienced implant dentist can use many different systems, allowing them to select the best system for your needs. They will be familiar with and comfortable using more advanced techniques.

An experienced dentist is more likely to have invested in the equipment required to provide sophisticated implant treatments, for example, digital imaging in the form of a cone beam CT scan. This will allow you to receive all your treatment in one location from a dental team you know and trust. Finally, experienced dentists are generally members of implant organisations, such as the International Team for Implantology. They may have undertaken full-time fellowships in implant dentistry to help further their knowledge. These fellowships will often take years to complete and represent a huge investment. Many implant dentists mentor or teach other dentists and will regularly hold lectures on the subject, both here and abroad and are often internationally renowned.

A Patient Centred Journey at Vilafortuny

At Vilafortuny in Dubai, we believe in offering patient-centred treatment. We will explain the dental implant process each step of the way, are always here to answer any questions and concerns and will go through the whole process with you before we begin treatment.

As an overview, your dental implant journey will likely have twelve steps – from start to your new smile. We understand that dental implants may be a new concept to you and therefore can be daunting. That’s why we ensure you are fully informed at every step.

Our 12 Steps To The Smile You Desire

replace missing teeth options

Considering your Options 

You’ll find everything you need to research dental implants and the options available to you, on our blog and website. We create current and comprehensive content on a regular basis to keep you informed. Our highly experienced team at Vilafortuny in Dubai write blogs and articles with the essential information you need, making it the perfect place to start.

Contact the dental implants practice

Making Contact with the Practice

We understand that life can get busy, that’s why at Vilafortuny, we make contacting us as simple as possible. You can get in touch at any time of the day or night and someone will get back to you with more information and to book an appointment.

Dental implants first consultation

Booking Appointment for Initial Consultation

We understand that you may have been considering and researching dental implants for a number of weeks or months even. When you make the decision to contact Vilafortuny we endeavor to make the appointment as soon as you would like to get started.

The Initial Consultation

Useful to build a comprehensive picture of your dental and oral health needs and concerns and to give you the opportunity to gain a full understanding of any proposed treatment. At Vilafortuny in Dubai we use state of the art diagnostic and treatment planning tools to gain a 3D image of your mouth and jaws, allowing us to plan treatment more effectively. Your initial consultation will include:

– Photographs of your teeth and face
– X-rays of your teeth and jaws
– A cone beam CT scan – to gain a 3D picture
– Oral, dental and health assessments and medical history
– A chance to discuss with you what your desired smile looks like

Dental implants initial consultation

Tooth replacement options discussed, including bone grafting if necessary

at Vilafortuny in Dubai, our experienced team will assess the information and picture gained through the initial assessment and will create a bespoke treatment plan. This will discussed in full with you.

Treatment Plan Created

Treatment Plan Created

our state of the art facilities in Dubai allow us to use Digital Smile Design technology to create a truly unique treatment plan. This will include where and how many dental implants will need to be placed and a clear indication of cost and treatment times.

Second Appointment – Preview your smile

Second Appointment – Preview your smile  

one of the biggest questions that patients considering dental implants ask is, what will my smile look like after? That’s why at Vilafortuny in Dubai we give you the opportunity to preview your new smile. We use accurate mockups to show you how your smile will look, in your mouth. We understand that dental implants can be a huge investment and patients find it reassuring to be clear how great the results will look!

Dental implants treatment

Commencing Treatment

we aim to start treatment as soon as you have made the decision to begin. We aim to fit in with our patients as far as possible.

Dental implants treatment

The Treatment 

The treatment times can vary from patient to patient. This is based on healing times, the specifics of the treatments needed and how often the patient is available to attend the treatment appointments. Our highly experienced team will be on hand to keep you in the loop throughout the treatment and will be able to give you regular updates on the progression of treatment.

Implants healing

Healing Period

when we are asked at Vilafortuny in Dubai how long the healing process will take, we are always honest in saying – we don’t know. Every person is unique and different. We know it takes on average between four to six months for the bone to fuse to the implant after surgery, but we monitor each individual patient’s progress on a case by case basis.

Crown/Bridge or Denture Fitted onto Implant

Crown/Bridge or Denture Fitted onto Implant

once the implant is healed, it will be time to have your prosthetic fitted.

beautifully restored smile

Walk out with a beautifully restored smile

While the final result will not be a surprise to you, as you will have previewed an accurate mockup of your new smile before treatment, you will have the benefit of surprising friends, family and colleagues – so be warned… expect compliments!

Still have questions about whether dental implants in Dubai is the right choice for you?

We understand that choosing dental implants can be a huge decision and that every patient has their own unique concerns. As a starting point, why not look through our FAQs page, where we answer some of the more common types of questions we have been asked at Vilafortuny in Dubai.

Alternatively, come and meet the team and discuss those final queries in your initial assessment.

Would you like to rediscover your smile?

Have you lost teeth and been left with gaps?

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