General Practitioner

Vilafortuny Medical Department provides comprehensive patient care with a broad range of treatments from senior and experienced professional doctors.
Our family health department is committed to providing care for all genders, age groups and administering specialised treatments, health risk assessments, routine check-ups, diagnosing and treatment for a host of conditions.

Our resident GP offers 20 years of UAE based experience and is a well-respected and reputed physician. From sickness such as acute and chronic illness we believe in a personalised consultation to maintain health education and preventive healthy lifestyle.

Personalised diagnostic tests will be determined by our general practitioner and range from blood tests and urine analysis, through cardiac testing.


Blood Test Travel Medical Advice
Vision Test Audiogram
Electrocardiogram Spirometry

Experience counts for everything. We collaborate with European laboratory and radiology services to ensure rapid turnaround times for test results that are accurate and reliable.

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