Stop Gum Recession in Its Tracks

Gum grafting presents an effective treatment for receding gums

Gum recession can sneak up on you – if over time, you feel a few of your teeth have started to look visibly longer or you regularly experience sensitivity to hot and cold foodstuffs and beverages, your gums could be receding, and a portion of your tooth’s root might be exposed. Fortunately, gum grafting for receding gums can help prevent further loss of gum tissue.

“Besides being unsightly, gingival recession can disturb both structure and function of affected teeth. Dentists use periodontal plastic therapeutic surgical techniques to correct such defects. In addition to regaining an esthetic gingival profile through root coverage, the increased zone of keratinised, attached gingiva creates a more maintainable periodontal environment, usually with significantly less sensitivity,” explains Dr. Kathrin Trelles, Dubai-based implantologist cosmetic laser dentist and founder of Vilafortuny.

Dr Trelles adds: “The tunnel technique is an approach that optimises esthetics and predictability because of its ability to avoid releasing critical papillae and maintaining a high level of vascularity at the surgical site to support the grafts. At Vilafortuny, our team performs closed pouch tunnel technique, which translates into performing the procedure with no incision and a higher volume of successful results.”

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