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Although breast lifts are not as widely discussed as breast augmentations, they remain a hugely popular cosmetic procedure. This is because, over time, a woman’s breasts naturally change and lose their shape due to factors such as weight gain/loss, breastfeeding, gravity, age, and genetics. In many cases, a breast lift can restore a woman’s youthful contours.

A breast lift or a mastopexy is a surgical procedure that elevates and firms the breasts by removing excess skin and fatty tissue to re-contour and maintain an improved appearance. It’s important to note that breast lift surgery will not improve the size of your breasts, but it will give them a fuller appearance.

Dr. Trelles advises that patients who want larger breasts also consider breast augmentation, while those who want smaller breasts should consider a breast lift in conjunction with a breast reduction.

So, are you a candidate?

Women who are in good health generally and who are able to control their weight well are good candidates for a breast lift. Your breasts’ shape, size, and firmness are just some of the aesthetic concerns that can be addressed with a breast lift.
Irresistibly sagging breasts.
A loss of firmness and volume in the breasts.
Those who want smaller, more lean breasts.
Unsupported nips that hang below the bust line.
Inwardly pointing areolas and nips.
Skin stretching and breast enlargement.
a lower than average breast.

The First Appointment

When you first meet with your surgeon, you will go over your goals, concerns, and desired outcomes. Your plastic surgeon will conduct a thorough physical examination and ask you about your medical and lifestyle history.
The following topics are appropriate for discussion during this consultation: the patient’s goals for treatment, their expectations, their current medical conditions (including allergies), their medications, their use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, their personal and family histories, and the results of any previous mammograms or biopsies. Your doctor will need to examine and measure your breasts for medical records, take photographs of them, evaluate your overall health, and discuss the possibility of complications before deciding where to make the incision, what kind of anesthesia will be used, or what the expected outcomes will be.

Preparations for the Procedure

The surgical team at Vilafortuny will provide you with pre-op instructions prior to your breast lift. Before your surgery, you may need to do a few things.
Clinical evaluation and/or laboratory analysis.
The use of a mammogram prior to breast surgery can aid in the early detection of any changes that may occur in the breast tissue.
Make some changes to your current medication regimen or start taking something new.
Do not continue smoking.
Do not take any non-steroidal anti-­inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
You should make plans for getting back home after the operation.

What to expect

Vilafortuny performs breast lifts on an outpatient basis. We have plastic surgeons that are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. An ABPS board-certification requires advanced fellowship training and demonstrated expertise in plastic surgery.


You will be given anesthesia before and during the operation. Our plastic surgeons will advise you on the best form of anesthesia, which may range from intravenous sedation to full-blown general anesthesia.

Incision for surgical purposes

A breast lift can be performed through a variety of incisions, depending on factors like the patient’s preference, the surgeon’s preference, the amount of excess skin and fat to be removed, the patient’s current breast and nipple position, and the degree of sagging.

Category of hoists

Before your cosmetic surgery, you and your doctor will discuss this in detail. Donut lifts involve making an incision around the circumference of each breast’s areola; lollipop lifts involve making an incision around the areola and then vertically down to the crease of the breasts; and anchor lifts involve making an incision around the areola, vertically down to the crease of the breasts, and then horizontally along the breast crease.

Modifying your bust line

Your plastic surgeon will reshape your breast tissue after making an incision to enhance its shape and firmness. They may also, depending on your goals,
Place your areola and nipple at a more youthful angle.
The removal of excess skin around the areolas can help reduce their size.
Sagging skin can be addressed by removing excess skin.
Closure of an Incision
Incisions are closed with sutures, skin adhesive, or surgical tape once the desired amount of excess skin has been removed and the remaining tissue has been tightened. The breasts are reshaped by inserting layers of sutures deep within the tissue.

The Future Prospects

After the surgery, your plastic surgeon will be available to answer any questions you may have and will also give you detailed written instructions.
Home care after surgery is planned.
Drug orders and prescriptions.
Scheduled follow­up visits.
mammography after breast cancer surgery.
Your breasts will be bandaged after the procedure to minimize swelling and offer support. It’s normal to feel some discomfort in the days following surgery; your doctor can prescribe pain medication to help. Meanwhile, recovery times differ; typically, women can go back to work after a week. In most cases, the incisions from breast surgery are made in an inconspicuous place, following the existing contours of the breast. Scarring is unavoidable, but thatthe incision lines will fade over the next few months.
Also, there are risks associated with any type of surgery: bleeding, infection, and adverse reaction to anaesthesia are rare, but they can happen. You can reduce your chances of experiencing complications by carefully following your pre- and post-operative care instructions.


After a breast lift, the final results won’t be visible until the breasts have fully reshaped themselves to their new position and contour in the weeks and months that follow the procedure. Once the healing process is complete, most women report feeling more confident after having a breast lift. Your new appearance should last as long as you continue to take care of yourself and maintain a healthy body weight.

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    Fuelled by continuous, dedicated research and technological leaps forward, the scope of cosmetic dentistry and plastic and aesthetic surgery grows each year to improve millions of lives.

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    Fuelled by continuous, dedicated research and technological leaps forward, the scope of cosmetic dentistry and plastic and aesthetic surgery grows each year to improve millions of lives.

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    Visit Vilafortuny on these social links and connect with us. Make sure to follow our accounts for regular updates.

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