Be Discreet: Go Incognito

Incognito lingual braces are hidden behind the teeth and are, therefore, invisible when you smile. The Incognito™ lingual brace system, meanwhile, comprises custom-made brackets specifically tailored to the shape of your teeth. The Incognito lingual brace system is the only 100% customised fixed appliance system with intelligent wire and brackets engineered to give you the results you want.

Dr Kathrin Trelles, the founder of Vilafortuny, comments: “These braces are created using state-of-the-art technology: the wires are pre-bent outside the mouth using computer-assisted technology in Germany. Due to their discreet nature and the fact that they are suitable for all age groups, these braces are a very reasonable option for athletes, models, actors or actresses and adult professionals.”

Incognito braces are suitable for kid and adults of all age groups – children, adolescents and grown-ups who want to correct the positioning of their teeth.

Woman Smiling with Incognito Braces and Dental Tool