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Whitening Teeth: There’s a lot some of us will do for a brighter, whiter smile, including sitting mute with whitening strips on for hours at an end. Over time, teeth become discoloured for several reasons – genetics, age, trauma, illness and certain medications can taken before the teeth have erupted.

The good news is no matter the cause of discolouration there are a variety of quick and painless whitening procedures administered by the dentists that can help. Another advantage is that whitening products administered by the dentist contain hydrogen peroxide in concentrations ranging from 15 to 35 percent, which is a much higher level of concentration than seen in take-home bleach products.

Woman with White Teeth Smiling

“At Vilafortuny, we use the Zoom 3 Teeth Whitening system, a scientifically advanced teeth-whitening procedure applied in-surgery, ideal for patients looking for immediate results. During the procedure, the patient’s gum tissues are isolated with a protective gel, and the whitening product is then applied to the teeth and exposed to a laser light, which accelerates the process. Whitening Teeth procedure is safe, comfortable and is usually completed in an hour,” says Dubai-based implantologist, cosmetic laser dentist and founder of Vilafortuny, Dr Kathrin Trelles.

She adds: “Dentists can also make special bleaching trays for your upper and lower teeth and provide you with a whitening gel for home use. But this process is longer than the in-office procedure. In this case, the bleaching gel is placed in the trays, which are worn for short periods during the day or even overnight depending on the dentist’s recommendations.”

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