What To Expect On Your Dental Implants Journey

Our highly experienced and qualified team at Vilafortuny benefits the expert skills and knowledge of Dr. Steen Sindet-Pedersen. His experience includes being a former professor of oral maxillofacial surgery at European University College in Dubai from 2011 to 2013, and is one of the most published dentists in the UAE, with more than 85 peer-reviewed scientific papers in the fields of oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental implantology and bone grafting. Dr Sindet-Pedersen has lectured and spoken across the globe on oral maxillofacial surgery and can advise on any complex dental implant treatments. Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to offer cutting edge treatments and technology to help you restore your smile.  

Deciding to have dental implants can be quite daunting, especially if you don’t fully know what to expect throughout the treatment process. While each case is unique and is guided by an individual treatment plan, we wanted to give you an overview of what you can expect when deciding on dental implants to restore your smile at Vilafortuny in Dubai.

Step One – Considering Your Options

We understand that many prospective patients will want to research their options fully before even making contact with our practice at Vilafortuny. That is why we have a wide range of informative content on our website and blog. You can read about everything from specifics on different treatment options, to how patients have found the experience of coming in for their first appointment. You can also find out why at Vilafortuny in Dubai, we are a leading provider of implant dentistry, with a highly qualified, experienced and patient focused team.

Step Two – Contacting The Practice

Once you have decided to explore your options further at Vilafortuny in Dubai, you will want to make contact with the practice for the first time. We understand how busy life can be, and that this contact may not be within practice opening hours. That’s why we have an easy to complete online form, that can be accessed at any time. One of our dedicated specialists will then contact you to book an appointment at your convenience. You can of course call the office, if you prefer to speak to someone directly, on 04-4393618. There is also always a friendly face to greet all patients if you would prefer to visit us to make your initial appointment.

Step Three – Book Appointment for Initial Consultation

Once you have made contact with us at Vilafortuny in Dubai, having expressed an interest in dental implants, the next step is for us to book you in for an initial consultation with one of our experienced dental team. We understand that once you have made the decision to contact us, you are most likely motivated to get the process moving, so we will endeavor to fit you in as soon as we can.  

Step Four – At the Initial Consultation

At Vilafortuny in Dubai, we ensure every patient feels welcomed and fully understands the process ahead of each appointment. The initial consultation is an opportunity for us to better understand your dental needs, history and concerns, as well as being an opportunity for you to ask any questions and gain a fully understanding of any proposed treatment. The initial appointment is a comprehensive consultation to discuss your dental concerns, and to thoroughly assess your oral health and ensure your suitability for dental implant treatment. Our aim is always to design the right treatment plan to achieve your desired smile.

The consultation, for patients wanting to replace missing teeth in Dubai, will involve your specialist dentist using a number of assessment tools to build a comprehensive picture of your oral and dental health, in order to assess your suitability for dental implants.

This will include:

  • Taking photographs of your teeth and face –  a successful smile restoration naturally complements your existing teeth and facial structure. That is why we take photos to help with 3D imaging later
  • Taking X-rays of your teeth and jaw
  • A cone beam CT Scan – this allows your dentist to create a 3D picture of your teeth and jaws, assessing bone health and where to place implants
  • An oral and dental health assessment
  • Medical history
  • Discussing your dental concerns and the smile you would like to achieve

Once this assessment is complete, the dentist will have a clearer picture of any additional work that may need to be completed prior to placing dental implants, such as bone grafts, and will be able to advise you clearly on the right course of treatment for your dental needs.

Step Five – Tooth replacement options discussed, including bone grafting if necessary

When it comes to placing dental implants, a common question we hear at Vilafortuny in Dubai is: ‘can my general dentist place my implants?’ This stage is why we recommend that you choose a specialist oral-maxillofacial specialist, like Dr. Steen Sindet-Pedersen at Vilafortuny, who has vast experience of complex and straightforward implant treatment plans.

Once Dr. Steen Sindet-Pedersen has completed your initial assessment, he will be able to discuss your tooth replacement options, including any additional treatment. This may include bone grafts that will ensure the success of your dental implants. You may also have concerns around dental phobias and may want to discuss sedation options.

At Vilafortuny in Dubai, we work with you to create an individual treatment plan to replace your missing teeth.

Step Six – Treatment Plan Created

At our state-of-the-art facilities at Vilafortuny in Dubai, we use Digital Smile Design and CADCAM technology to create an individual treatment plan using the information collated during the thorough assessment. Using this cutting edge technology, we are able to plan the ideal placement of your implants, any preparatory work needed and can give you a clear indication of treatment time and cost, without any unpleasant surprises along the way. Depending on the level of treatment needed, this plan may be discussed at your initial appointment or when you return for your second appointment.

Step Seven – Second Appointment – Previewing the End Result

We understand that deciding to replace missing teeth can feel like a huge decision. Patients considering dental implants often have many questions and concerns and we are here to provide answers and reassurance in our patient centred treatment. One of the common concerns that we hear is about how the end result will look – will it be natural and feel ‘right’? That’s why at Vilafortuny we give you the opportunity to ‘preview’ your smile. Using Digital Smile Design technology we can give you an accurate picture of how the end result will look, with treatment mock-ups. As this is based on your unique smile, we can also give you a clear accurate breakdown of treatment times and costs in your treatment plan. Patients who have had dental implants placed as Vilafortuny in Dubai appreciate this level of detail, being able to plan and budget effectively.

Step Eight – Commencing Treatment

Once you have made the decision to replace your missing teeth at Vilafortuny in Dubai, following the treatment plan discussed with you during your initial appointments, treatment can commence. You will approve the treatment plan and your first treatment appointment can be booked. Patients often ask if they can pre-book all of their appointments at the start. This is difficult as the time in between appointments will depend on how long it takes for the bone to fuse around the implant, and for any preparatory work to heal.

Step Nine – The Treatment

At Vilafortuny we understand every individual patient’s smile is unique. That is why we create a treatment plan based on your unique smile. It is this treatment plan that we will follow during treatment. If bone grafting is necessary, we will have explained this to you thoroughly and this will be carried out prior to placing implants. We will need to wait for this to heal before placing the implants.

The treatment time can vary depending on whether the implants can be placed in one appointment or across several appointments. We are experts at dealing with nervous patients in Dubai and have a range of sedation options, including twilight sedation, which will have been agreed on your treatment plan to ensure that the process is as comfortable for you as possible. You won’t feel any pain during the treatment but may feel some discomfort for a few days afterwards as your mouth heals. We will give you clear guidance on pain relief and how to care for your dental and oral health at this time.

Step Ten – Healing Period

A common question we are asked at Vilafortuny is how long will it take in between implant surgery and my final appointment. The answer is simple – as long as your body takes for the bone to fuse around the implant and heal from surgery. This is on average between four and six months but we will monitor your progress and we are always here to answer any questions. The reason we wait for the occlusion process to fully complete is that this will make your dental implants sit firmly in place.

Step Eleven – Crown/Bridge or Denture Fitted Onto Implant

Once the implant is stabilized in the jaw, your final appointment will be to have the prosthetic fitted. This will have been created from the comprehensive assessment we took at the start of treatment and so we are confident it will fit perfectly and will look natural.

Step Twelve –  Walk out with a beautifully restored smile and expect compliments

When you first look into the mirror after the treatment is completed it is always a special moment – as a dental clinic it is one of our favourite parts to see! Replacing missing teeth can increase confidence, both in social and work situations, and can improve general dental health. You will know what to expect as you will have previewed your smile but after months of treatment and healing, it is nice to finally have the smile you desire.

What To Expect On Your Teeth Straightening Journey

Here at Vilafortuny in Dubai, we pride ourselves on our excellent, high quality patient-centred care providing technologically-advanced, five-star services, with the wellbeing and comfort of our patients being our primary objective. We have a reputation for esthetic smile restorations – our patients are our greatest advertisement, keen to share their experiences and beaming with confidence in achieving their desired smile.

Our resident orthodontist, Dr Nizar Ishaq, has a wealth of experience providing teeth straightening treatments, working with children and adults. In our state-of-the-art facilities at Vilafortuny, Dr Ishaq and his friendly, capable team will guide you through the process from choosing the right treatment option for your smile,  through to completion of treatment, on hand to answer your questions at every stage. While every teeth straightening treatment plan is different, depending on your individual dental needs and chosen treatment options, we wanted to give an overview of what you can expect on your teeth straightening journey at our clinic in Dubai.

Step 1 – Considering Your Options

Before making contact with our practice in Dubai, we understand that prospective patients may want to fully consider their options before beginning their journey. Our website is full of useful and easy to digest information about the options available for teeth straightening in Dubai. Patients often read blog posts, treatment descriptions and testimonials from previous patients before deciding to take that step of contacting us at Vilafortuny. If you are at this stage and have any questions, you can always email or contact the practice for guidance on where to find information or answers to questions. A good place to start is on our blog – LINK HERE

Step 2 – Contacting The Practice

We understand that life is busy and that you may choose to research your teeth straightening options in Dubai outside of practice opening hours but may want to contact the practice while it is fresh in your mind. That is why we have a simple, quick appointment booking form online that can be accessed at any time. One of our dedicated specialists will then contact you to book you in at your convenience. If you would prefer to call the office, you can do so on 04-4393618. There is also always a friendly face to greet prospective patients if you would prefer to visit us to make your initial appointment.

Step 3 – Book Appointment for Initial Consultation

Once you have made contact with us at Vilafortuny in Dubai, having expressed an interest in teeth straightening options, the next step is for us to book you in for an initial consultation with Dr Nizar Ishaq, our resident orthodontist. We will endeavour to fit you in as soon as we can, knowing that once you have made the decision to contact us, you are likely keen to get things moving. We are passionate about providing the perfect teeth straightening  treatment plan for your desired smile, taking into account your budget and lifestyle. That is why we have an initial consultation with you with a comprehensive assessment.

Step 4 – The Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, Dr Nizar Ishaq will build up a comprehensive profile of your dental and oral needs in order to help you choose the right teeth straightening treatment for your smile. This will include:

  • X-rays of your teeth
  • Digital scans (where needed) to build up a 3D picture of your jaw structure
  • Taking photos of your face (front and side views) when you smile
  • Discussing your dental concerns and what you would like to achieve
  • Building a medical history
  • Oral health assessment


Step 5 – Teeth Straightening Options Discussed

It may seem strange that all of the above will be done before treatment options are discussed, but it is important that your specialist orthodontist builds a clear picture of your dental health, concerns and desired smile so he can recommend the right treatment options for your needs.

Depending on whether you express a need or desire for more discreet treatment options, Invisalign, a clear removable acrylic retainer system, may be a preferred treatment choice, or you may need or want a fixed brace in which case Incognito – a wire and bracket system that is fitted behind your teeth may be more appropriate. For those patients who are comfortable with a more visible brace, the Damon system, a self-ligating concept, may be discussed, with the option of ceramic braces, with tooth coloured brackets and wires.

For each option, you can expect your highly experienced and skilled orthodontist to be able to answer your questions and show you examples of successful treatments.

Step 6 – Treatment Plan Created

Once you have decided on the right teeth straightening treatment for your smile, Dr Nizar Ishaq will create a unique treatment plan for your teeth straightening in Dubai. Depending on the treatment option chosen, this will vary in length, cost and content. In every case, it will be a detailed plan with accurate costs and rough timescales, depending on how your teeth respond to the treatment.

When choosing Invisalign treatment in Dubai, your orthodontist will use ClinCheck, a dedicated CADCAM program, to create a 3D treatment plan, for precise treatment.

We understand that proceeding with teeth straightening treatment in Dubai may be a big decision for patients. That is why we end the initial consultation after we have provided a proposed treatment plan, to give patients the chance to consider their options before making a decision. We can also provide information on payment plans to allow you to spread the cost, either with or without interest, depending on the terms agreed.

We ask patients to book in for a second appointment, where we can show a preview of your desired smile and answer any questions that may have come up after considering the options available.

Step 7 – The Second Appointment

At the second appointment, our orthodontist will discuss in detail the end result, to ensure that you are fully informed of how your smile will look after and to make sure it is the smile you want to achieve. As part of this, depending on the treatment options being considered, you may see a preview of your smile on screen, if considering Invisalign using ClinCheck, or you may even be able to test-drive your desired smile with Digital Smile Design.

You will also be given further detail about the treatment you are considering, with mock-ups of retainers or fixed braces available to help you get a feel of how the treatment will work.

Step 8 – Approval for Treatment: Let’s Get Started!

Once you have decided to go ahead with the teeth straightening treatment plan you will have helped our orthodontist to create, we will ask for your official approval. Once the paperwork is completed and payment plans finalised, treatment will commence. The amount of time there is in between your initial consultation and treatment plan commencing is largely up to you. Some patients may need time to arrange finance or may want to wait before starting treatment, but most patients are excited to get started and reach their achieved smile goal.

Step 9 – Follow Up Appointments

Depending on the teeth straightening system that has been chosen, you will have a number of follow up appointments during the course of your treatment. You will be fully aware of what each appointment is for, as your treatment plan will outline this clearly and your orthodontist will have gone over this with you in your initial appointments.

Invisalign appointments tend to be every 6-8 weeks, with a check on progress and then a new retainer given for the next stage of treatment.  Other teeth straightening systems may vary more – depending on if there is a need to tighten the fixed braces and check on progress.

Step 10 – Dental Hygienist Treatments

Alongside regular appointments with your orthodontist in Dubai during your teeth straightening treatment, we also recommend regular dental hygienist treatments. This is always beneficial for ensuring good oral health but even more so during teeth straightening treatment. With fixed braces, it can be easy to miss areas of cleaning or struggle to keep good oral health, particularly as your teeth get used to the braces. Equally, wearing an Invisalign retainer, which snugly fits to your teeth for a discreet appearance, for up to 22 hours a day makes it essential to keep good oral health.

Our highly trained hygienists at Vilafortuny in Dubai can also advise you on the best ways of keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy during treatment.

Step 11 – Keeping Your Teeth Straight

During your last appointment your orthodontist will remove any fixed braces and you will see the final result of your teeth straightening treatment. However, far from a ‘surprising reveal’, you will fully know what to expect as Vilafortuny in Dubai will have already shown you an accurate image of how your smile will look after treatment. Even so, it is still much cause for celebration!

During the final appointment, your Dubai orthodontist will also explain to you the best course of aftercare, to ensure you keep your new smile and straighter teeth. Your teeth may move back slowly over time – this is a natural process. Your orthodontist may suggest you have a permanent retention fitted, in some cases, if so, this will done during your final appointment, or you may have already decided to wear a retainer at times, in which case your orthodontist can arrange this in your final appointment.

Step 12 – Time to Show The World Your Beautifully Straightened Teeth

(Warning: Expect Compliments!)

The final step in your journey to straighter teeth is to show the world your new straight smile. Whichever teeth straightening system you decided to choose, the results will be the same – you will have your desired smile!

Have More Questions About Teeth Straightening in Dubai?

It is only natural to have many questions when it comes to deciding to have teeth straightening treatment. At Vilafortuny in Dubai, we pride ourselves on being here to answer our patients’ questions. That’s why we have compiled an FAQs page on teeth straightening, with some of the most common questions our specialist orthodontic team are asked. Find out answers to your questions here:

You can also find further information on your specific dental needs and if teeth straightening treatment might be right for you here:

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