HIFU : What Exactly is a HIFU Treatment?

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What Exactly is a HIFU Treatment?

HIFU, short for High-Intensity Facial Ultrasound Treatment, offers a non-invasive, non-surgical approach to rejuvenating your skin. By harnessing the power of ultrasound energy, HIFU stimulates collagen and elastin production deep within the skin layers, resulting in a noticeable tightening effect. This innovative procedure not only enhances facial contours but also diminishes visible signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. Referred to as both a ‘HIFU facial’ and a ‘HIFU facelift,’ this treatment is highly sought-after in Dubai for its ability to give the face a more defined structure and a youthful appearance. With its popularity soaring in Dubai, HIFU has become a go-to option for facial contouring and tightening among residents and visitors alike.

  • HIFU Benefits
    HIFU facials offer a multitude of perks that enhance your overall facial aesthetics. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:
    • Wrinkle Reduction: Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles! HIFU targets these concerns, leaving your skin smoother and more youthful.
    • Eyelid Lift: Droopy eyelids can be a thing of the past. HIFU can subtly tighten and lift the eyelid area for a brighter and more refreshed look.
    • Double Chin Diminishment: HIFU effectively tackles the appearance of a double chin, creating a more sculpted and defined jawline.
    • Sagging Cheeks? No More! HIFU addresses sagging cheeks, giving your face a more lifted and contoured appearance.
    • Banishing Under-Eye Bags: Tired-looking eyes caused by puffiness can be addressed with HIFU, revealing a more youthful and rested appearance.
    • Sharpened Jawline: HIFU sculpts and defines your jawline, creating a more chiseled and balanced facial structure.
    But the benefits extend beyond aesthetics! Here’s why HIFU stands out:
    • Non-Surgical Facelift Alternative: HIFU offers a safe and effective alternative to traditional surgical facelifts. It eliminates the risks and lengthy recovery associated with surgery.
    • Minimal Downtime: Unlike surgery, HIFU requires minimal downtime, allowing you to resume your daily activities quickly.
    • Long-lasting Results: The improvements achieved with HIFU are visible and long-lasting, providing you with a youthful appearance for an extended period.
    • Reduced Risks: HIFU comes with minimal risks that typically subside within a few days of the procedure.
    In essence, HIFU facials provide a non-invasive solution for achieving a rejuvenated and sculpted facial appearance, minus the drawbacks of traditional surgery.
  • Who is a Great Candidate for HIFU
    HIFU excels at addressing a variety of concerns that often come with ageing skin. Here’s how it can benefit you:
    • Noticeable Skin Laxity: If you have loose or sagging skin, HIFU is a great option! It stimulates collagen production, which is key for improving skin elasticity and firmness, effectively tightening and lifting your skin.
    • Fine Lines and Wrinkles Stealing Your Shine?: HIFU’s collagen-boosting power can help diminish the appearance of those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles, particularly on your face and neck, for a smoother and more youthful look.
    • Seeking Jawline Definition: HIFU can be your sculpting tool! It tightens the skin in the lower face, creating a sharper and more youthful jawline definition.
    • Nasolabial Folds Got You Down?: Those lines running from your nose to the corners of your mouth (nasolabial folds) can be visibly reduced with HIFU’s help.
    • Eyebrow Concerns? HIFU Can Help! If you’re looking to address brow sagging, HIFU can lift and tighten the skin around your eyebrows for a more refreshed appearance.
    • Neck and Décolletage Showing Their Age?: HIFU can be used on your neck and décolletage to improve texture, reduce sagging, and leave the area feeling tighter overall.
    • Double Chin Woes? HIFU effectively tackles submental fat (double chins) by promoting fat cell breakdown.


A Step-by-Step HIFU treatment 

The beauty of HIFU facials lies in their simplicity! Here’s a breakdown of what to expect during the procedure:
Pre-Treatment Prep:
There’s no special preparation required beforehand. However, arriving makeup-free is recommended for optimal results.

  • Step 1: Cleansing:
    The aesthetician will begin by thoroughly cleansing the targeted area to remove any impurities.
    Step 2: Ultrasound Gel Application
    A special ultrasound gel will be applied to the cleansed area. This gel helps conduct the ultrasound waves effectively.
    Step 3: Precise Targeting:
    The specialist will use an ultrasound viewer to precisely adjust the settings on the HIFU device for optimal treatment.
    Step 4: Delivering Energy:
    Short bursts of ultrasound energy will be directed at the targeted area for a duration ranging from 30 to 45 minutes.
    Step 5: Treatment Complete:
    Once the procedure is finished, the HIFU device will be removed.
    During Treatment:
    You might experience a tingling sensation or a feeling of warmth while the ultrasound energy is being delivered. To alleviate any discomfort, pain medication can be provided if needed.


  • What to Expect After Your HIFU Facial
    HIFU facials are known for minimal downtime, but here’s a breakdown of what you might experience:
    Temporary Side Effects:
    Redness: You might experience some temporary redness following the procedure, typically subsiding within an hour.
    Discomfort: Mild discomfort, pain, or a sensation of heat might occur for a few seconds during the treatment. These effects are brief and usually resolve on their own.
    Pain Management: To minimise any discomfort, topical pain relievers or pain medication can be used.
    • Facial Soreness: In some cases, mild facial soreness might linger for a few days after the treatment.

The Road to Rejuvenation:

The true magic of HIFU unfolds gradually:
• Immediate Effects: You might see some initial improvement in skin tightness and lifted features right after the treatment.
• Progressive Youthfulness: Over the next few months, even more visible results will emerge, promoting a more youthful appearance.
• Enhanced Contours: As weeks go by, your facial contours will show a noticeable improvement in the treated areas.
• Radiant Glow: Your skin will gradually take on a smoother, more radiant complexion.
Remember, these are temporary side effects and the treatment paves the way for a more youthful and radiant you!

A Guide to HIFU Aftercare

While HIFU boasts minimal downtime, aftercare plays a crucial role in maximising your results and ensuring long-lasting rejuvenation. Here’s what you need to know:
Sun Protection is Key

• Minimise Sun Exposure: Direct sunlight can negatively impact your HIFU-treated skin. For several weeks following the procedure, be cautious and avoid excessive sun.
• Embrace Sunscreen: Whenever you venture outdoors, apply a potent sunscreen to shield your skin from harmful UV rays. This helps prevent hyperpigmentation and other sun-related damage. Remember, consistent sunscreen use is key until the skin tightening process reaches its full potential.
Gentle Touch for Sensitive Skin:
• Resist the Urge to Scratch: Post-treatment, your skin might feel hypersensitive and occasionally itchy. Scratching can cause irritation and damage, so avoid it completely. If itchiness becomes a concern, a cool splash of water can offer relief.
Temperature Matters:
• Opt for Cooler Water: Hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils, vital for preventing post-treatment irritation. Use cool water when cleansing to maintain these protective oils. If hot water is a must, opt for lukewarm to promote faster recovery.
Give Your Liver a Break:
• Limit Alcohol Consumption: Following a HIFU session, your body eliminates deactivated fat cells. Your liver processes this waste. To avoid overburdening your liver, which must also break down alcohol if consumed, limit alcohol intake for a while.
Hydration is Essential:
• Drink Up!: Staying well-hydrated is crucial for overall health, but even more so after any medical or cosmetic treatment. Water intake post-HIFU facilitates faster recovery and enhances the rejuvenation of collagen proteins in the treated area. So, keep that water bottle handy!

HIFU price at Vilafortuny Dubai

Unlike a set price tag, the cost of a HIFU facial in Dubai can vary depending on several factors. Here’s a breakdown of what influences the final cost:

Treatment Area Size: The size of the area you’re targeting with HIFU plays a big role. Treating a larger area like the entire face will naturally cost more than focusing on a smaller zone like the       jawline
Desired Results: The extent of your desired outcome can affect the price. Targeting more concerns or aiming for a more dramatic transformation might lead to a higher cost.
• Number of Sessions: Typically, multiple HIFU sessions are recommended for optimal results. The number of sessions needed will factor into the overall cost.


Fuelled by continuous, dedicated research and technological leaps forward, the scope of cosmetic dentistry and plastic and aesthetic surgery grows each year to improve millions of lives.

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Fuelled by continuous, dedicated research and technological leaps forward, the scope of cosmetic dentistry and plastic and aesthetic surgery grows each year to improve millions of lives.

Social Networks

Visit Vilafortuny on these social links and connect with us. Make sure to follow our accounts for regular updates.

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