When Fake-Looking Teeth Became Sooo Yesterday!

So be aware of what you are asking for. When you ask your dentist for a ‘Hollywood Smile,’ you may end up with a fake-looking smile, with fake and unnatural looking veneers. For the past 15 years, however, patients have been constantly asking their dentists: What is a Hollywood smile? And how can I get one? The dental industry then provided the answer, veneers.

From as far back as 1928, Charles Pincus, the early pioneering esthetic dentist, began connecting patients’ affinity to have perfect smiles with those of Hollywood actors and other celebrities. At the time, studio executives encouraged actors to have a perfect look, which would have included crafted pearly white teeth. And this time period was probably responsible for coining the phrase, ‘Hollywood Smile.’

Dental technology, as well as pressure from social media influencers on Instagram and Facebook have closed the beauty gap between what is considered a celebrity smile and what the everyday person can achieve. But without the right skills and experience at the dental clinic, what can result is a mouthful blindingly white teeth.

For decades, veneers have been used to help famous and non-famous people alike with different teeth conditions, achieve their perfect smile. Albeit, this has come at a price, and not just financial. The typical veneer can set you back upwards of $1000 for a good quality porcelain product.

This, however, does not guarantee you won’t be seeing the dentist anytime. Patients may develop bite problems soon after veneers are placed or other, more physiological conditions. These conditions occur due to complications that happen from a lack of process, incomplete treatment planning and patients looking for a quick fix.

Leading dental clinics that uphold the modern principles of dentistry, will provide their patients with properly planned and executed procedures and care. These procedures give both celebrities and laypeople the great smiles that they have been longing for and flaunt in public.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a concept that combines systematic approaches and strategies to produce naturally beautiful smiles, where improved clinical diagnosis dovetails into smile design to achieve the required results. What this means is that the patient’s facial and dental structures are analysed through state-of-the-art videography and digital technology to copy nature and develop smiles in harmony with faces.

The Paradigm Shift to a Natural Looking Smile

Nature finds a natural balance and harmony and now nature is making its way back to the mainstream. DSD technology fuses a natural look to a smile based on the contours of a patient’s face. That is rather than having a standard blinding white smile. The paradigm shift to natural-looking smiles has opened the doors for the average person to change their smile and not stand out from the crowd. A smile that matches the architecture and contours of their face.

Dentists can actually show their patients on screen what they would look like with their new smile. Clinics that use advanced digital technology can deliver the best results. Intraoral scanners and state-of-the-art facial scanners allow practitioners to achieve good diagnosis and treatment plans with the highest degree of accuracy. This powerful shift in sharing information brings patients into the conversation, doing away with archaic plaster models.

DSD clinics, which can be found in every major city globally, they collaborate on cases with the expertise of a global planning center, utilising technology, to design smiles which look natural. Digital Smile Donator assists in transferring a donor’s smile to the receiving patient’s mouth. This means that the patient can get the smile of celebrity, family member, or even of themselves when they were younger. Smiles are completely customized for each specific patient and in harmony with their unique facial features.

Digital Smile Donator consists in transferring a donor’s smile to the receiving patient’s mouth. This means that the patient can get the smile of celebrity, familiar, even from himself when he was young.

The result? An exceptional esthetic outcome that the patients love without any physiological drawbacks.

Some words from Dr Christian Coachman, CEO & Founder of Digital Smile Design


How the Concept was born?

Christian Coachman: The Digital Smile Donator concept was inspired by the initial idea of Dr Paulo Kano of scanning natural teeth to design CAD/CAM restorations, instead of using handmade shapes or computer suggested shapes. We immediately saw the potential of bringing his concept into a complete digital solution and the NemoDSD3D software was the first one, 3 years ago, to add natural shapes into the digital library and the DSD Planning Center was a pioneer on serving dentists with this technology.

How important is this Concept to the Dental World?

Christian Coachman: In my opinion, the concept of fully digital restorations, integrated with faces and using natural shapes will revolutionize the dental restorative world. This will become the golden standard very soon and many top dentist/technicians are already embracing this workflow and taking it to the next level. This workflow will mainly take over because of its simplicity, allowing more dentists to serve more patients with natural smiles.

What impact does Digital Technology has on processes and what are the main advantages?

Christian Coachman: None of these amazing ideas are possible in the analogue world, so even though dentistry still and will forever require great hand skills, artistry, knowledge and experience; technology will allow us to incorporate new amazing solutions to our tool box and will make dentistry more predictable and efficient.

Can any patient have the smile they want?

Christian Coachman: Of course achieving great smile with dental work requires a great team. The patient will have a great result with the combination between great professionals and modern digital solutions. With this combination, the sky is the limit nowadays.

Can any doctor perform the Digital Smile Donator Project?

Christian Coachman: Yes, any doctor can perform the smile donator concept. It is actually very simple like any good idea. Simplicity is the key. The DSD Planning Center is also a great way for dentists to enter the digital world without having to invest and/or go through tough learning curve. Anybody can try the Smile Menu and Smile Donator concept tomorrow morning! The dentist can use of the smiles from our menu or even send us the smile donator file that they want to use. They just need to scan the beautiful teeth of the donator and send to us.

Does the doctor need any specific skills to perform The Digital Smile Donator?

Christian Coachman: As I mentioned above, no training is required besides scanning the patient’s mouth and selecting the smile donator from the menu.