I would like perfect teeth

The idea of perfect teeth is different for everyone. That’s why we use Digital Smile Design so you can be the co-designer of your smile and see how it will look before treatment begins. Working with your dentist in Dubai, you can get the perfect smile you have in mind.

I don’t know if my front teeth can be straightened

Digital Smile Design is changing dentistry in Dubai. Using sophisticated scanning technology alongside world class software, this exciting new concept allows your dentist to show you a perfect mock-up of how your front teeth will look straighter even before the work has started. It will help you to decide the best way to achieve the smile you desire.

I’m self-conscious but I want to be able to show my teeth when I smile

Going through the process of Digital Smile Design with your dentist in Dubai you will talk through your concerns about your smile and how you would like your smile to look to feel confident showing your teeth when you smile. When you try on the mould, you will see how you will look showing your teeth and can co-design that perfect smile.

I want a whiter smile but want to know how white my teeth will go

Digital Smile Design can give you a preview of the results of treatment. You can discuss with your dentist the right procedure for you – whether that is whitening or veneers. Seeing how your teeth will look will help you to decide how best to proceed to get the smile of your dreams.

I would like all my teeth to be the same length

Everyone has a unique smile. It is more than just your teeth. Your face, eyes, mouth and lips all play a part in creating your smile. If you would like teeth the same length, we can work with you to find the most appropriate treatment with Digital Smile Design, showing you the final results before we begin treatment.

I have gaps between my teeth / too much gum shows when I smile

There are number of ways to correct unwanted gaps and to lengthen teeth. Using Digital Smile Design, you can work with your dentist to create the perfect smile, understanding fully at the start the treatment involved.

I have chipped or cracked teeth

Using Digital Smile Design you can see the massive difference fixing more subtle imperfections in your teeth can have on your smile. The preview feature will show you how your perfect smile will look and your dentist can decide with you the treatment process to achieving the smile you desire.

I am worried about how veneers would look in my mouth

Veneers are just one option for restorative dentistry. Once you have discussed the type of smile you are aiming for, your dentist will recommend the most appropriate course of treatment. The Digital Smile Design process will mean you are the co-designer of your smile and can see how the final result will look in your actual mouth before you begin any treatment.

I have a photo of the kind of teeth I’d like to have

This is a great starting point for Digital Smile Design. It’s a great way to start the conversation and to work out what about that person’s smile it is you are drawn to. Digital Smile Design is about creating the perfect smile for your unique face structure, so you can see how that smile will look on you.

I am worried about how long it will take / what it will cost

The great thing about Digital Smile Design is that it allows you and your dentist to create a personalised treatment plan, so you can plan exactly what treatment will need completing and how long it will take. Your dentist will also be able to give you an accurate breakdown of costs at the start of the treatment, making it easier to budget for your new smile.

I am not sure having straight teeth will make any difference

We understand that if you are going to invest in straightening your teeth, you want to know the end result will be different and will give you the confidence you desire in your smile. That’s why, with Digital Smile Design, we will show you a preview of the end result before you begin treatment.

I need some teeth removed but I don’t want a denture

Dental implants are a great alternative for most people who have had natural teeth removed. With the Digital Smile Design process you can see how your smile will look with the implants and then choose the best solution for you.

I am concerned that having dental implants won’t look natural

Using Digital Smile Design we can create a preview of your finished smile, before treatment begins. You can choose, with your dentist, a colour and shape of teeth that feel and look natural next to your remaining teeth.