I am worried what will happen if I lose a tooth

Having to have a tooth removed can be a worrying time for patients. If this is the only option remaining, you can rest assured that you are in safe, expert hands at Vilafortuny in Dubai. You can make the decision to consider a dental implant to replace the missing tooth. Deciding to replace the missing tooth soon after its extraction will reduce the impact on the rest of your teeth and dental health.

I don’t know what to do about my missing teeth

You may have had a gap or several gaps in your teeth for a number of years, having had an extraction in the past and not been offered any alternative. Dental implants are a straightforward effective way to replace missing teeth and restore your smile. Working with our experienced dental professionals in Dubai, you can choose the right dental implant solution for you, seeing how the results will look before treatment begins with cutting edge technology, Digital Smile Design.

I have a gap in my smile and don’t know what to do

Having a gap in your smile can affect your confidence and your ability to enjoy certain foods, depending on its location. During a complimentary consultation with an experienced implant dentist at Vilafortuny, you can discover the options available for replacing missing teeth and restoring your smile, both for cosmetic and functional reasons. With Digital Smile Design technology you can preview your smile before treatment begins.

I am worried if I have dental implants they will stand out

In our dental practice in Dubai, when working with patients looking to replace lost teeth, we use Digital Smile Design (DSD) technology which allows patients to see a 3D image of how their dental implants will look, before treatment begins. This allows you to be the co-designer of your smile, creating a natural look that will complement your natural teeth. This is an accurate image that is generated using complex innovative technology that is also used to design the implants and treatment plan. This holistic process means that the image you see at the start will be the same as the reflection greeting you in the mirror after treatment.

I am worried I will need false teeth

Being faced with the prospect of losing natural teeth can cause great distress and worry. For a lot of us, when replacement teeth options are discussed, we may think of removable dentures that look unnatural and are clearly ‘false’ teeth. However, with advances in technology and dentistry, replacing missing teeth with dental implants can create a natural, functional smile. Dental implants are placed into the jawbone, through a simple surgical procedure, with uniquely created prosthetics to create a natural looking smile. Using Digital Smile Design, here at Vilafortuny in Dubai, we can work with you to co-design your new smile, creating a mould to show you how your smile will look before treatment begins.

Losing your natural teeth doesn’t have to mean you have to live with a false looking smile or teeth that feel and fit unnaturally in your mouth – find out more about dental implants.

I need to have teeth removed but don’t want a denture

For many patients facing the prospect of having some teeth removed, the main concern is the need for dentures. While dentures have advanced in recent years, many of us feel worried that removable teeth may affect our ability to eat certain foods and require more complex care. At Vilafortuny in Dubai, we are experienced at placing dental implants as an alternative to dentures. Whether you have one or several teeth missing, our expert dentists can work with you to find the right dental implant solution for your smile. Using 3-D images and Digital Smile Design, we can work out the best place for implants and the right dental implants for you.

I have loose dentures

Loose dentures is a common concern that patients come to us with at Vilafortuny in Dubai. Loose fitting dentures can affect your confidence, ability to eat and desire to engage in social activities. At Vilafortuny, we have extensive experience in helping patients to rediscover their smile, making the transition from dentures to dental implants.

My dentures move when I eat so I don’t enjoy my food anymore

Uncomfortable, loose fitting and moving dentures can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Whether it means you can no longer enjoy your favourite foods or have lost confidence eating out with family and friends, the good news is there is a solution for your dental concerns. At Vilafortuny in Dubai, an experienced dentist can fully discuss your options for dental implants in a complimentary consultation. Don’t settle for a reduced diet and awkward eating experiences, get the right solution for your needs today.


I am concerned about how much dental implants might end up costing me

It is only natural to be concerned about the cost of dental implants. That is why we will invite you to have a complimentary consultation before treatment, where we will begin the process of creating a bespoke treatment plan, using innovative technology Digital Smile Design to preview your smile and work within your budget. This is because each individual patient journey is unique, it is not possible to give a figure without taking into consideration the individual needs of each patient. Cost will depend on the desired outcome and the treatment plan decided upon, in consultation with the patient.

You will receive a complete and accurate breakdown of costs before treatment, which will include any additional procedures, such as sedation or bone grafts, that may be necessary for your desired treatment and outcome, so you are fully informed of the costs before beginning treatment.

I am a really nervous patient and am afraid of having dental implant treatment

At Vilafortuny in Dubai, we are experienced implant dentists. We are trained to help nervous patients and understand that being fully informed of any treatment plan before treatment begins is really important in combating apprehension and fear. That is why your expert dentist will take you through the proposed treatment plan, explaining each step of your unique patient journey. We also have different options available, such as twilight sedation, ideal for nervous patients, where you are kept awake during the treatment but in a relaxed state so won’t feel any pain. Many patients also have a limited memory of treatment after the sedation.


I’m self-conscious about my smile

Gaps in our smile, missing, broken or crooked teeth can lead to patients feeling self conscious about their smile. This can have a negative effect at work, in your social life and can affect what foods you feel comfortable eating in the company of others. At Vilafortuny in Dubai, we work with patients to address concerns about your smile, helping you to find the right solution for your dental health and well-being, rediscover the confidence in your smile.


I am worried about my bone quality for implants

For successful dental implants, understanding bone strength and how well the bone will cope with an implant is vital in ensuring successful treatment. At Vilafortuny in Dubai, our expert implant dentists will complete a comprehensive consultation, with Cone Beam CT scans to get a 3-D picture of your jaw bone and teeth health. If necessary, our highly experienced and world-renowned dental professionals can also include bone grafts as a part of your treatment plan. Using cutting edge technology to plan your unique treatment greatly reduces the risk of implants not being successful due to bone strength.


I want dental implants but am worried about being without teeth for four months

Once the implant posts have been placed, there needs to be a period of healing, where your jaw bone fuses around the implant. This is what causes the strength of the implant. This process has to occur before we fit the final prosthetics. We understand that four months without teeth may be concerning, particularly if you are about to have those teeth removed. That is why we provide temporary prosthetics in the interim, which will look natural and be functional. This short term stage will ensure that you can continue to eat as before and not have to hide a toothless mouth from the world.


I am worried dental implants will damage my natural teeth

Here at Vilafortuny, Dubai, we use cutting edge technology and 3-D images to ensure that our experienced implant dentist places your implants in the optimum position for oral health and a natural smile. Part of your mouth’s restoration takes into account the health and positioning of your surrounding teeth to ensure the implants do not affect them negatively in any way. In fact, replacing missing teeth can also support the remaining natural teeth, by taking the pressure off them when biting and chewing.

I have a single crooked tooth

A single crooked tooth can change the entire appearance of your smile and can in some cases, make eating certain foods difficult. Invisalign, a teeth straightening system that uses clear, invisible plastic aligners, can be the ideal treatment for your desired smile. Unlike more traditional metal fixed braces, Invisalign is discreet, custom-fitted invisible retainers that snugly fit over your teeth. It is a removable retainer system, meaning you can carry on eating and drinking the foods you love during treatment. The lack of metal or elastic ligatures also mean patients experience less discomfort than with more traditional brace systems.

I have several crooked teeth

We offer a number of teeth straightening treatments for patients with crooked teeth. Depending on the causes and severity of the crooked teeth, Invisalign is often an ideal option for patients wanting to achieve their desired, straighter smile. Invisalign is a state-of-the-art straightening system, using removable clear plastic aligners, not visible to the untrained eye.Patients using the Invisalign system in Dubai enjoy the freedom to eat and drink the foods they enjoy, with the removable retainer, have less discomfort without the need to tighten or replace any ligatures and also report typically shorter treatment times than with metallic braces.  

I have crowded teeth

A common dental concern with patients in Dubai who would like teeth straightening is having crowded teeth or seemingly not enough space in the jaw. Crowding occurs for a number of reasons. Sometimes patients may have crowded teeth in one area and more space further back in the mouth.

At Vilafortuny in Dubai, our highly qualified and experienced orthodontist Dr Nizar Ishaq will use his wealth of knowledge and experience to assess your individual case and propose a treatment plan.

We understand that some patients don’t feel comfortable having visible metallic braces. That may be a personal choice or related to your profession for example, customer-liaison roles, singers, actors or professional athletes.

Depending on your individual teeth straightening needs, we offer Incognito lingual braces – an innovative wire and bracket system that is fitted behind the teeth so they are not visible when you smile. Custom-made for your individual teeth, there is no need for ligatures or painful tightening.

We also offer a more esthetically appealing alternative to metallic braces – ceramic braces are tooth coloured and discreet.

Some patients prefer metallic braces and we use advanced technologies to ensure that the metallic brace systems we use provide quicker treatment times and eliminate the need for elastic or metal ligatures, for example the Damon system which is an effective, more hygenic and less painful self-ligating concept.

I have alignment problems with my top and bottom jaws

Alignment problems with your jaws can cause a whole host of problems, from chronic head and neck pain to difficulty eating certain foods. Whether you have an underbite (where lower teeth protrude past your front teeth), a deep bite (where upper teeth bite over the lower teeth) or a crossbite or open bite, at Vilafortuny in Dubai, we have the right teeth straightening system for your smile. Our highly experienced and skilled orthodontist, Dr Nizar Ishaq, has a wealth of experience treating patients like yourself, to achieve your desired smile.

If you are looking for a discreet teeth straightening treatment to correct the alignment of your jaws, fixed braces may be the best option to ensure effective treatment. The incognito system is an intelligent wire and bracket system that fits behind your teeth. We also offer ceramic braces, an esthetic alternative to metallic braces and also metallic braces, using the Damon System, reducing treatment time and removing the need for elastic or metal ligatures. During your initial consultation with your orthodontist, you will fully discuss the treatment options available to make the right choice for your smile.

I have teeth that aren’t in the correct positions

Whether you have had teeth in incorrect positions since childhood, or whether it is the result of habits, trauma or teeth extraction, at Vilafortuny in Dubai we help patients with their teeth positioning in order to achieve their desired smile. We offer four different teeth straightening treatments available depending on your teeth straightening concerns, your lifestyle and budget.

Invisalign is a clear, invisible, acrylic retainer system that offers a truly discreet treatment option. The removable retainers also mean patients don’t have to change what they eat or drink during treatment.

Incognito is an intelligent wire and bracket system that is fitted behind the teeth, making it another discreet treatment choice for patients. We offer a metallic brace option – the Damon system is an innovative self-ligating concept, meaning patients avoid metal or elastic ligatures, making the treatment more hygenic and less painful. Ceramic braces are a tooth-coloured more discreet alternative to metallic braces.

I have a gap in my teeth I would like to close

While some patients have concerns with overcrowding, an equally common concern is having gap between teeth which can affect confidence in your smile. At Vilafortuny in Dubai, we have worked with many patients like yourself with similar dental concerns. Depending on your individual smile, our highly experienced orthodontist Dr Nizar Ishaq will work with you to decide on the right course of teeth straightening treatment to close the gaps in your teeth.
Whether you choose metallic braces, using the innovative Damon system, a self-ligating concept that eliminated the need for painful and unhygienic elastic and metal ligatures, or more discreet ceramic braces with tooth coloured brackets and wire, or Incognito, an intelligent wire and bracket system that is fitted behind the teeth for hidden treatment, your orthodontist will create a treatment plan that takes into account your lifestyle and budget to create your desired smile.


My child needs braces

Dr Nizar Ishaq, our resident orthodontist, is highly experienced and skilled working with children’s teeth as well as adults. Dr Ishaq understands that children and teens’ experiences of dental treatment will likely shape their relationship with their oral and dental health in adulthood. That is why our teeth straightening team are trained and experienced in treating children, to make the experience positive.

Your child may be excited about having metallic braces. The Damon System is a self-ligating concept which eliminates the need for metal or elastic ligatures, making the treatment more hygienic and less uncomfortable for your child. If your child would like a more discreet alternative to metallic braces, we also offer ceramic tooth coloured braces. If your child is self-conscious about having braces fitted, Incognito is a wire and bracket system that is fitted behind the teeth so isn’t visible when your child smiles or speaks. Invisalign is an invisible, clear acrylic retainer system for teeth straightening that is also suitable for children and teens. Invisalign has the added benefit of being a removable retainer, making it easier for your child to eat normally.


I feel like I am too old to have metallic braces

Many patients in Dubai would like teeth straightening treatment but have dismissed it as an option because they feel too old / self-conscious about having metallic braces. That’s why we find Invisalign such a popular option at Vilafortuny. Using clear acrylic retainers, Invisalign is a teeth straightening system that isn’t visible to the untrained eye. As the retainers are easily removable, there is also no need to avoid any foods. If fixed teeth straightening is required in order to get the desired results, then we also offer Incognito braces which are fitted on the insides of the teeth, making them much less noticeable than traditional braces.


I am worried my teeth will move back

A common concern with patients who have had any teeth straightening treatment is that their teeth will move back to their original position. While it is true that your teeth may start to move, this will be a much slower process than during teeth straightening treatment, as this was done using pressure. However, we recommend for all our teeth straightening patients in Dubai, that a retainer is used to keep teeth in their new desired position.


I want straighter teeth but don’t want permanent braces fitted

At Vilafortuny we offer a number of teeth straightening treatments for patients. We understand that for a variety of reasons, patients may not want fixed braces. Does this mean you can’t have straighter teeth? No! Invisalign is a removable retainer system that is designed to be removed when you eat and drink. The easily placed, clear retainer fits snugly over your teeth and can be removed easily when needed.


I am worried if I have a removable brace I won’t remember to wear it

At Vilafortuny we find patients quickly get into a routine with our removable retainers, Invisalign, and do remember to wear them, particularly as they start to see results! However, for those patients in Dubai who would prefer a fixed teeth straightening treatment, we also offer metallic braces using the self-ligating concept, the Damon System, ceramic braces for an alternative look or Incognito, a wire and bracket system that is fitted to the back of teeth, offering a discreet but fixed brace.


Will my metallic braces really hurt?

Traditionally, metallic braces are associated with pain, discomfort and elastic or metal ligatures that can cut into the gums and inside of the mouth. At Vilafortuny in Dubai, we use the innovative Damon system – a self-ligating concept, which eliminates the need for metal and elastic ligatures. This makes the process more hygienic and actually speeds up treatment time and reduces the number of appointments needed during treatment.


I wish I could see how I would look with straight teeth

At Vilafortuny in Dubai you can! We work with you to create the ideal treatment plan for your desired smile. This includes using state of the art technology to preview your smile. Using the Digital Smile Design process, we take 3D scans, x-rays and teeth moulds and use CADCAM technology to show you exactly how your smile will look once your treatment is complete. Using Digital Smile Design also allows our specialist orthodontist to create a precise treatment plan, with accurate costs.

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