Where Can I Find a Specialist Dentist in Dubai?

Here at Vilafortuny on Wasl Road in Dubai, we specialize in making you look stunning and beautiful in every way, including your teeth (with the help of our specialist dentists in Dubai). We offer a wide variety of the most modern dental procedures and plastic surgeries that our skilled specialist doctors can perform. You never have to worry about being self-conscious again about the appearance of your smile.

What Services Do Your Specialist Dentists Provide?

We are proud and delighted to offer digital smile design, implants and oral surgery, general dentistry, gum treatments, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry at our Dubai location.

Most of our clients are overjoyed to learn about these ultramodern techniques, many of which are pain-free. Digital smile design can custom-make the smile that you’ve always wanted, according to your wishes. Dental implants can replace missing teeth to complete your perfect smile.

Specialist Dental Services In Dubai

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital smile design allows our specialist dentists in Dubai to plan and create a gorgeous smile for you using state of the art digital technology and videography. Digital smile design is one of the most contemporary, patient-centered systems available in the world today.

The digital smile design begins with a meticulous analysis of the patient’s dental and facial features, and then the creation of treatment goals. The specialist dentists at our Dubai location will use photography, X-rays, videos, and 3-D imagery to predict precisely the outcome of every case, with the patient’s explicit needs and desires in mind.

Since every single face on the planet is different, digital smile design is an entirely individualized experience for each patient. We will design you a smile that belongs to your personality and facial symmetry, customizing tooth position, color, and shape.

Our specialist dentists will then use videography and photography, available in our Dubai location, to model for you a practice model of the final result, using your face, to be sure you are happy with how it will look. Your aesthetic pleasure and health needs are our utmost priority.

Tooth Extraction and Dental Implants

Our specialist dentists in Dubai can expertly extract teeth that are damaged beyond repair, and then replace them with titanium tooth implants. These implants are the most modern implants available and are able to support your bite while you speak or chew with no problem.

The implant will attach to your jawbone and bond with it, and a tooth of your exact specifications is then screwed on to the top of the implant. This way we avoid the use of dentures completely while restoring your natural, beautiful smile. Dentures can be a hassle, often needing to be replaced because they do not fit right, and they can be painful. Dentures also need to be removed and cleaned every day, sometimes creating hygiene issues.

Make Your Appointment Today and Prepare for Your New, Beautiful Smile!

Along with general dentistry, tooth implants, and digital smile design, our specialist dentists in Dubai at Vilafortuny will happily and thoroughly explain all procedures to you in detail, creating complete transparency between you and our doctors. We want you to fully understand and be comfortable with every decision you make about your smile.

We will always give you a completely honest and practical real-life representation and a picture of what your final results will be. We fully understand that the appearance of your face and smile is of utmost importance to you, and we will always respect that and keep that in the forefront of our minds when making treatment decisions.

We are proud of the skill level of our dentists, and we will provide you with the superior quality of treatment that we offer to all Vilafortuny patients. We look forward to seeing you soon!