How Will You Create a Smile That Suits My Face?

February 7, 2021by admin

Handsome man thinking with finger on chin on white backgroundLots of people have minor things they’d like to change about their smile, for example, they might have one or two crooked teeth or perhaps will have a gap in between their front teeth that they would prefer to be closed. When only minor smile modifications are needed or desired, it is relatively easy to imagine how your teeth will look after treatment.

It can be quite different when you are contemplating making more substantial changes to the appearance of your teeth and where it is virtually impossible to clearly visualize how they will look after treatment.

Up until quite recently, it was a question of putting your trust in the hands of your Dubai dentist, but waiting to see the final outcome could be nerve wracking, even when your chosen dentist had excellent credentials. Luckily times have changed, and as one of the more advanced dental practices in Dubai, Vilafortuny has invested in the newest technology to digitally design smile makeovers.


With Digital Smile Design, our dentist will work closely with you to completely understand your aims and desires for a more perfect smile, so in effect you will co-design your new smile.

This is hugely beneficial because everybody’s idea of perfect teeth is slightly different!

Your new smile will help celebrate your individuality, accurately translating virtual smile design into reality. So, how does this happen?

Deciding Which Aspects of Your Smile You’d like to Change

Digital Smile Design involves several distinct steps so begin by spending a few moments thinking how you’d liked your smile to change and which aspects of your teeth particularly bother you. For some people this may be a gap in between the front teeth while others may want their teeth to be slightly longer or shorter.

You might even want to collect some photographs of people whose teeth appear visually perfect as this can provide a good starting point when designing your new smile. If you do choose to collect some photographs, then please remember that your smile is unique and that something that suits someone else may not necessarily be quite right for you.

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Our Dubai dentist will go to considerable lengths to ensure your smile is designed in such a way as to complement your facial structure, gender, skin tone and even your personality. For example, some people who have a slight gap in between their front teeth, called a diastema, will choose to keep this feature in their new smile design because it is unique to them.

Don’t forget, with digital smile design you will be completely in charge of how your new smile will appear and you will have the opportunity to closely examine every tiny detail.

Collecting Diagnostic Information

The next step is for our dentist to collect vital diagnostic information that includes dental impressions of your teeth, photographs, x-rays and video footage showing your smile when you talk and laugh.

Our Dubai dentist will also spend quite some time just talking with you, discussing how you’d like to change your smile and which factors are most important to you. All this information is vital when designing your treatment plan.

All this information is transferred into a special software program which will allow our design team to see how your teeth bite together and how they currently appear when you smile and talk.

Next, they can begin to digitally design your brand-new smile, adjusting the shape, size and length of your teeth to appear more cosmetically perfect, and they can even adjust your gum line, for example if you currently have what’s called a gummy smile.

Of course, the overall color of your teeth can also be adjusted, and our dentist will help you choose a shade that compliments your appearance, so your teeth will appear naturally white and healthy once treatment is completed.

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Deciding Which Treatments to Use

During digital smile design, our Dubai dentist will decide which treatments are best suited to help achieve a more cosmetically perfect appearance. This will most likely depend on your current dental health, helping to ensure your teeth are strong and healthy in addition to being more cosmetically perfect. When you have good dental health, the outcome of treatment will last longer.

There is a huge range of treatments that may be used during a smile makeover, ranging from cosmetic tooth colored fillings to the most sophisticated dental implant treatments to restore any missing teeth. Your treatment plan may even include orthodontics to help realign teeth, so they bite together more evenly. Often using a combination of different treatments can help provide the very best outcome in a way that is most conservative and cost-effective.

Once the initial design of your smile makeover is complete, our dentist will discuss your treatment plan with you, explaining how each procedure will help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

At this stage, you can preview your treatment plan by viewing digital images. These will show you exactly how your new smile will appear and how it will complement your facial features.

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What Happens If I Want to Make Changes to My Digital Smile Design?

This is the real beauty of digital smile design because digital images can be adjusted until you are completely happy with the outcome.

Our dentist can guide you as to which features are most complimentary, but the final design is entirely your choice.

Perhaps you’d like to change the color of your teeth or their shape or size? With digital design it’s no problem. At this point, you might still wonder how the design will look when it is actually transferred onto your real teeth. The next stage brings that digital design into the real world.

Bringing Your New Smile to Life for Its Final Adjustments

During the final planning stage your digital design is transferred onto a diagnostic model, a plaster model of your real teeth and which will show you exactly how they will look in 3D. This model is used to create temporary restorations accurately representing your digital smile design plan. These restorations can be tried in providing you with the invaluable opportunity to actually see your new teeth in your mouth.

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As well as showing you their appearance, this is a real-life way to test their functionality and for our dentist to make sure your new teeth will bite together correctly and that you will be able to eat and talk properly.

This is your chance to closely examine your teeth and to decide if you’d like any further modifications to their shape, size or color. You may even wish to ask a trusted loved one or a good friend for their opinion and input into the appearance of your new smile.

Once these final modifications are completed, and you have approved your treatment plan, your new restorations will be made. You can sit back and enjoy the fact that your new smile will be very complementary and is designed to your specifications.

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If the idea of co-designing your smile appeals, then why not contact Vilafortuny for your Consultation? Call us on +9714 394 3618 to schedule your appointment or if you prefer, you can book an appointment through our website at


Fuelled by continuous, dedicated research and technological leaps forward, the scope of cosmetic dentistry and plastic and aesthetic surgery grows each year to improve millions of lives.

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Fuelled by continuous, dedicated research and technological leaps forward, the scope of cosmetic dentistry and plastic and aesthetic surgery grows each year to improve millions of lives.

Social Networks

Visit Vilafortuny on these social links and connect with us. Make sure to follow our accounts for regular updates.

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