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Dr. Carmelo Crisafulli
Dr. Carmelo CrisafulliMD - Specialist Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Crisafulli is a Plastic Surgery Specialist with over 10 years of extensive experience in Reconstructive, Plastic, and Microsurgery…
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Dr. Francisco de Melo
Dr. Francisco de MeloPlastic Surgeon
After having practised in the UAE for over 11 years, Dr Nizar Ishaq has earned a reputation for being one of the country’s …
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Dr Mario Trelles
Dr Mario TrellesGeneral Surgeon
MD and PhD, General Surgeon, Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon. American Board Diploma …
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Dr R Glen Calderhead
Dr R Glen Calderheadmedicine and surgery
Originally of Scottish birth, Dr R Glen Calderhead has had more than four decades of experience with the indications …
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Tahere Jafari
Tahere JafariBeauty Therapist
Founder of Vita Lita beauty salon, Tahere is practicing all areas of beauty cosmetics, skincare, facial treatments …
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Dr Kathrin Trelles
Dr Kathrin TrellesGP, Implantologist Y& MSc Lasers
Dr Kathrin Trelles, a general dental practitioner and founder of state-of-the-art dentistry, plastic and …
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Dr Luken de Arbeloa
Dr Luken de ArbeloaDentist / Smile Designer
Dr. Luken de Arbeloa was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Luken de Arbeloa obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Universidad Central de Venezuela …
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Dr Frederic Brunner
Dr Frederic BrunnerDentist / Implantologist / Smile Designer
The Dr. Federico Brunner , Spanish, born in Argentina, he moved to Madrid with his family when he was 15 …
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Dr. Alain Romanos
Dr. Alain RomanosPeriodontist / Implantologist
Dr. Alain Romanos is an Assistant Professor at the postdoctoral program of Periodontology at the Lebanese University and also serve as Visiting Assistant Professor …
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Walid Atallah
Walid AtallahFashion Designer
Walid Atallah, the International Fashion Designer, was born in Lebanon. Inspired by the magnificence of fashion, from Lebanon, he travelled to Dubai …
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Dr Gerardo Jose Chacon Ramirez
Dr Gerardo Jose Chacon RamirezOral Surgery
High School at Military Jauregui School in la Grita Venezuela. Achieving the 5 position in the entire class for a total of 69 …
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